“You’re selling Chelsea’s holy goal to Tottenham! Are you kidding me?”… Chelsea’s “One Step,” “I spent 1.67 trillion won a year and I don’t have any thoughts.”

He also criticized Chelsea, a senior midfielder from Chelsea in the English Premier League. Why? It was his anger at Chelsea’s transfer policy. In particular, Chelsea’s move to sell Conor Gallagher, Chelsea’s “holy goal.”마카오토토주소

Midfielder Gallagher is from Chelsea FC. After playing for Chelsea Youth, he made the first team in 2019. He borrowed money from Swansea City and Crystal Palace, and has become a key player at Chelsea since last season. He played a total of 45 matches, 35 matches in the last season, and 19 matches in the league this season and a total of 24 matches.

Rumors of Gallagher’s transfer have been hot recently, and one of the most likely teams was London rival Tottenham. Local media reported that Tottenham desperately wants Gallagher as a midfielder to replace Pierre-Emile Hoivier, and the transfer fee is around 40 million pounds (67 billion won). Chelsea and Mauricio Pochettino also reportedly will not block Gallagher’s transfer.   

Chelsea senior was furious about the situation. Emmanuelle Petty, a former midfielder of the French national team who played for Chelsea from 2001 to 2004, gave a blow to the German team through the DAZN. The key point was to dump huge amounts of money into the recent transfer market and turn a blind eye to the truly precious player. This means that he lost the accurate judgment on the transfer. 

Petty said, “I can’t believe Gallagher can be sold to Tottenham this month. I read the news in the newspaper, and I was so surprised. Chelsea’s willingness frustrated me. When I first heard the news, I thought, ‘Are you kidding me?'”

He then questioned, “If you’re going to sell Gallagher like this, what’s the point of giving him a chance at Chelsea after returning from a loan at Crystal Palace?”

Finally, Petty criticized Chelsea for wanting to sell Gallagher, saying, “Chelsea themselves have no idea what they are going on, as they have spent more than 1 billion pounds (W1.674 trillion) to buy new players over the past year.”

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