Kwon Chang-hoon himself expressed his feelings. “I’m sorry to Suwon fans, I did my best to run for even one minute.”

Former national team striker Kwon Chang-hoon (30) expressed his sincerity to Suwon Samsung fans.

“Hello, I’m Kwon Chang-hoon. First of all, I’d like to apologize to Suwon Samsung fans. I’ve been constantly receiving support from Suwon fans throughout my career, and I feel very responsible and sorry that I couldn’t be of any help to my team when it was difficult,” Kwon wrote on his Instagram on the 6th.

Striker Kwon Chang-hoon did not perform well this season. After serving in the Gimcheon Standing Committee under the Korean Armed Forces Sports Unit, Kwon returned to his former team Suwon in June. However, he couldn’t play in any single game after joining the Suwon team this season due to injury and other reasons. All he played in was eight games in Gimcheon in the first half of the season.

Among them, Suwon suffered from relegation to the second division for the first time in the club’s history after suffering a slump. It will start in the K League 2 next season.랭크카지노도메인

Kwon Chang-hoon said, “To those who are curious about my news, I would like to share what I have been in so far. I was injured while serving in the military this year and was discharged from the military in that condition. At that time, Suwon was in a very difficult situation, and I did my best to get treatment and rehabilitation because I wanted to return quickly. However, my condition did not improve, so I eventually had to make the final choice of surgery.”

“I did my best to rehabilitate myself with the hope that I could play even for a minute even after the surgery. As a soccer player, I wanted to tell you my situation after greeting you on the ground,” he said. “But I couldn’t come back within the season and eventually I had no choice but to accept the result of being out of the season.”

Kwon Chang-hoon said, “I thought a lot about whether I should tell you my situation in the middle, but most of all, I didn’t want to make the team atmosphere chaotic even when the team was in a difficult situation,” and added, “I’m really sorry and deeply reflect on my choice because it only caused frustration to the fans.”

Kwon Chang-hoon (left). / Photo = Courtesy of the Korea Professional Football Association
A graduate of Suwon youth club Matan High School, Kwon Chang-hoon was a key member of Suwon from 2013 to 2016. He scored 10 league goals last 2015 season. After showing good performance in the K-League, he moved to French club Dijon in 2017 and challenged to the European stage. Afterwards, he returned to Suwon in 2021 after playing for Freiburg (Germany). Kwon Chang-hoon joined Gimcheon in December 2021 to serve in the military, and returned to Suwon after spending one year and a half in the military.

However, chances are high that Kwon Chang-hoon and Suwon will accompany each other through the 2023 season. Kwon has acquired the status of a free agent and is also likely to transfer.

Kwon Chang-hoon said, “I’m so sorry and sorry to tell you the news so late to the fans who have been worried and visited. I won’t forget the undeserved love you’ve given me so far, and I’ll live with gratitude forever. Thank you for reading the long article.”

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