“Look forward to seeing you return home.” Coach Lee Ho-joon walks a new path, Kim Bum-seok concentrates during the camp

LG coach Lee Ho-joon is taking a new path. He is serving as an unfamiliar quality control (QC) coach and practically performs two tasks at the same time. Fifty percent is to nurture new batters, and the remaining 50 percent is to coach QC.

It was a path that Lee volunteered to take. “I thought it was difficult for me to focus my image on batting even in my previous team. I joined the professional league as a pitcher, and I could do other parts well, but I felt like I only had a strong image as a batting coach,” Lee said.헤라카지노도메인

“I’ll be honest with you. During the interview with the coach, all I could answer was one-third. Even if two-thirds of the coaches answered correctly, I had to lie,” he said. “Nine out of 10 coaches dream of becoming a coach. That’s the case for me, too. That’s why I asked the club to coach QC, who can do various fields. The general manager and the coach readily accepted my offer. Thank you very much.”

The title has changed from batting coach of the league’s strongest batting team to QC coach. Of course, what you do is different.

“Coach Mo Chang-min is now the main batting coach. Fortunately, my position is still in the dugout,” Lee said with a smile. “This is what I was most worried about. The coach said that he will be in the dugout and will be included in the entry list. For now, we will learn from him constantly at camp. I think the player’s responsibility will be limited to promising players. This is a plan that the coach decided at the workshop.”

Among the promising players, there is a player who marks his mark in particular. This is Kim Bum-suk, the best prospect in his second year. “This is a mission given by the coach. He asked me to become a one-on-one mentor for Bum-seok from the start of the camp. He asked me to change everything from mental to mental,” Lee said. “First of all, I think I will lose weight. To that end, I will stay close to him. I will run from my hotel to the baseball stadium and have dinner together. I am thinking about sharing a room with him during the camp.”

That’s how much I have high expectations for him. “I will confirm after watching the camp and exhibition games, but I want him to start at about one game a week,” Yeom said of Kim’s role in the new season. “Heo) Do-hwan will play the role of a catcher to help (Park) Dong-won rest in the second half of the game, and Bum-seok will play the role of a catcher to gain experience. I want him to come out and experience as a catcher. His physical condition has improved a lot. His shoulders are also fine. I hope that Bum-seok will fill in the homework for our team, which needs right-handed hitters.”

“Losing weight and baseball skills have nothing to do with each other. But to avoid injury, you have to lose weight,” Lee said. “When I saw Bum-seok, he ate a lot. I heard that he cut it down to one-third, but that was how much ordinary people ate. That doesn’t mean he can’t stop eating. I’m thinking of just eating salad together during the camp.”

“You can look forward to seeing him when he returns home. If I’m not into him, Bum-seok will be out. If he doesn’t look the same, he shouldn’t have done it,” coach Lee said, adding a question mark and an exclamation mark to what he and Kim Bum-seok will look like in early March.

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