I asked “The Catcher Godfather”… “Robot Referee-Pitchclark” in the age of cataclysmic upheaval, which catcher is a good catcher

The KBO League will face an era of cataclysmic change in 2024. An automatic ball judging system (ABS), also known as robot refereeing system, will be introduced. And pitch clock will also be implemented.

There is no need to protest over strike and ball decisions anymore. It is a game to find the zone that the machine wants. It is also a race against time. Pitchers have to throw balls within the set time, and batters have to be ready to hit.헤라카지노도메인

All position players will be affected, but the position that can be most confusing is the catcher. Depending on the zone that will change, the concept of ball mixing itself should be completely changed. Now, leads such as missing one ball may become meaningless. At the same time, one may think that there is no need to do framing (the act of moving the mitts to get a favorable judgment when the catcher catches the ball). No matter how the catcher catches the ball, the important thing is whether the machine passes through the viewing zone. Even a low curve that hits the ground is a strike as long as the zone passes. The importance of blocking must be emphasized. Again, time is running out. You need to get your head around quickly. You need to develop your stamina. If you are tired, there is no time to stand up and take a breather. The catcher must take a seat no matter what before the pitch clock is left.

Then, what kind of catcher is the right catcher for the new baseball.

I asked Cho Bum-hyun, former coach of Kia Tigers and KT Wiz who are known as the “catcher godfathers.” “In fact, professional teams are already preparing to take the lead and attack the opponent in the big frame before the game. Therefore, the aftermath of the pitch clock will not interfere with the pitcher’s lead too much,” Cho said. “Catchers sometimes have headache. It is time to agonize over which course to choose and which ball to play. However, if the time is reduced and a careful judgment is not made, there is a good chance that the single ball will make a big impact on the game. Given the time frame, it is hard to get a bench signature. I think it would be advantageous for players who are quick to judge situations.”

He also acknowledged the importance of blocking. “A lot of pitchers with good curves like Park Se-woong will have an advantage. To do so, a catcher needs to stably block the ball. The recent trend in baseball is that when a catcher moves with one foot instead of two when blocking, he or she moves with his or her feet. That way, he or she can speed up. Catchers with flexible pelvis can have strength when it comes to blocking,” Cho added.

Among the issues mentioned above, framing was the most issue when the introduction of robot referees was mentioned. It was said that the value of catchers who “made a living” by being good at framing, like Lotte Giants Yoo Kang-nam, would drop significantly.

However, Cho had a different opinion. “The introduction of robot referees will compel catchers to pay attention to framing,” Cho said. “Captors have a habit that they have been doing all their lives. If you catch the ball without thinking, you can’t catch the next throwing position. It doesn’t matter when there are no runners, but assuming there are runners, catchers can instinctively form the fastest throwing position only when they receive the ball as they originally received it. Rather than framing to be judged as a strike, framing to keep runners in check will continue to be necessary,” Cho explained.

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