Left-handed hitters are weak against left-handed pitchers.” Korea has lost two consecutive games at the KS, and Wang dynasty construction… “Warning sound has been made against the No. 1 team that mainly hits left-handed.” Will more and more foreign pitchers stand in the way

The LG Twins, which won the Korean Series title for the first time in 29 years last year, aims to build a dynasty in 2024. To be called a dynasty, the best way to win the Korean Series for two consecutive years is to win the title.헤라카지노

No team has won the Korean Series for two consecutive years since the 2015-2016 Doosan Bears. KIA Tigers (2017), SK Wyverns (2018), Doosan Bears (2019), NC Dinos (2020), KT Wiz (2021), and SSG Landers (2022) all set their sights on winning the championship for two consecutive years, but Doosan was the only team that advanced to the Korean Series for two consecutive years. The reality is that it is not easy for Doosan to advance to the Korean Series as well as win two consecutive games.

For now, LG has almost enough power to win last year’s championship. The result of closing pitcher Ko Woo-suk who is aiming to advance to the Major League through posting will be released on Tuesday morning, and if he fails to sign a contract with a Major League team, it will be a boon for LG to win two consecutive games.

They already have foreign players in mind. They quickly renewed their contracts with winning teams Casey Kelly and Austin Dean, and brought in left-handed pitcher Detrick Ness, who won 10 games in the Japanese pro baseball league, to complete the formation. The team has almost retained the entire power of the winning team.

Hanwha starter Sanchez is pitching hard in the DH1 match between KT and Hanwha held at Hanwha Eagles Park in Daejeon on the 17th. /2023.09.17/However, it is highly likely that LG’s second consecutive loss will not be just “as expected.” KT Wiz, the runner-up in last year’s Korean Series, has completed the “strongest” foreign player line by joining William Cuevas, the winning percentage champion with 12 wins and unbeaten, and Wes Benjamin, who ranked second in multiple wins with 15 wins, this season, and re-recruitment of Mel Rojas Jr., the MVP of 2020. Closer Kim Jae-yoon moved to the Samsung Lions, but Park Young-hyun, who became the hold king two years after his debut, is already considered to be a ready finish.

KIA Tigers, which has a good batting lineup, is also considered a favorite. Analysts say that Kia, which has a well-organized structure as Kim Do-young grows rapidly, can compete for the title as long as foreign pitchers throw well.

Left-handed pitchers are the biggest stumbling block to LG, which is set to face strong challenges. Notably, teams have hired one foreign pitcher as a left-handed pitcher this season, drawing keen attention from all teams. Nine of the 17 foreign pitchers who signed contracts with them are left-handed. KT’s Benjamin, SSG Roenis Elias, Doosan’s Brandon Waddell, Lotte’s Charlie Barnes, and Hanwha’s Ricardo Sanchez have renewed their contracts. LG’s N’s and NC’s Kyle Hart, Daniel Castano, and Kiwoom’s Enmanuel de Jesus also have four new left-handed pitchers.

LG will meet eight of them throughout the season. Since most of LG’s main hitters are left-handed, chances are high that the rival team will deploy more left-handed pitchers in the game.

LG, however, is not weak against left-handed pitchers. He ranked first with team batting average of 277 percent last year, but had a batting average of 277 percent against left-handed pitchers. He ranked third against left-handed pitchers after KIA (0.296) and NC (0.285).

He recorded 279 (first place) against right-handed pitchers and 287 (fourth place) against underhanded pitchers.

Still, many left-handed pitchers pitched well against LG. A case in point is Benjamin of KT. Benjamin performed very well in five games against LG with four wins and four losses with an ERA of 0.84. Roenis Elias of SSG, who renewed his contract with LG, also played in three games with two wins and an unbeaten ERA of 1.80, while Ricardo Sanchez of the Hanwha Eagles also performed well with one win and one loss and an ERA of 1.59 in three games.

Of course, there were left-handed pitchers who were sluggish against LG, such as Doosan’s Brandon Waddell (two games with one loss and 6.55 ERA) and Lotte’s Charlie Barnes (four games with three losses and 7.64 ERA).

Since LG has consistently dealt with left-handed pitchers a lot, it does not pose a significant psychological burden on left-handed pitchers. However, if LG makes a weak record against certain pitchers such as Benjamin, it could be swayed by the title of “left hand.”

The number of left-handed foreign pitchers has increased compared to last year. In order for LG to establish a kingdom by winning the Korean Series for two consecutive years, it must surpass those left-handed pitchers.

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