Kim Kwang-hyun, who wants to grow up as a junior, leads the Japanese mini camp… Oh Won-seok, “Thank you for taking care of me, I’ll buy it, too.”

SSG Landers ace Kim Kwang-hyun is heading to Okinawa, Japan, with his younger teammates. He plans to set up a mini-camp in Okinawa, get ready for the 2024 spring camp.헤라카지노

Kim will take care of left-handers including Baek Seung-gun (23), Oh Won-seok (22), and Lee Ki-soon (20), as well as Shin Heon-min (21) and Lee Hae-woo (19). Kim held a mini camp in Japan in January this year, but he only took his left-handers with him.

“This time, I asked my juniors to decide on a member for training,” he said in a phone call with OSEN. “It’s hard to catch a ball in Korea in January. I’m going to go (to a warm place) to build up my body and head straight to the Florida camp in the U.S..”

In January this year, Kim took four juniors left-hander and there were five including Kim Kwang-hyun. This time, he also had six catches including Kim Kwang-hyun.

Kim Kwang-hyun’s own exercise is important, but he considered the conditions under which his juniors could exercise. So, excluding airfare, Kim Kwang-hyun is responsible for stay expenses such as accommodation and meals. He was more grateful, saying, “I get more help from my juniors.”

After the end of the 2023 season, the SSG team replaced the general manager, manager, and coaching staff. The team must work with new staff members including general manager Kim Jae-hyun, manager Lee Soo-yong, coach Song Soo-young, and coach Bae Young-soo for this season.

That’s why veteran players are important. “It is not easy to achieve performance and development at the same time,” Lee said at the inauguration ceremony on April 21. “It is not easy to achieve performance and physical training at the same time. It is impossible alone. However, communication with players and help from coaching staff and the front desk are enough things to do. I also played until I was 41. I will respect veterans as much as I can and give them responsibility. Veteran players will think about how to manage their physical stamina.”

SSG needs young players to grow. However, veteran players, including Kim Kwang-hyun, need to lead the team well. Especially, Kim Kwang-hyun is the key among pitchers. For this reason, he needs to lead the team like this mini-camp in Japan.

Kim was not satisfied with his performance this year, either. He won nine games and lost eight with a 3.53 ERA in 30 games. However, he should lead the starting lineup next year as well as Roenis Elias, a renewed foreign pitcher, and Robert Duggar, a new foreign pitcher.

He has a huge responsibility. He also tries to help younger players grow up. Young players, in particular, lack professional experience, so there are many difficulties such as managing their physical strength.

Kim Kwang-hyun said, “When you look at younger juniors such as Ro Woon, the early, mid and late seasons are very different. When you come to the professional league, your schedule is tight and you throw a lot. That’s how much you train. Even in the hot summer, the schedule continues. That’s why management is important at this time.” In this regard, I try to exercise together during the ‘mini-camp’ and share my know-how.

Oh Won-seok, a left-hander who will participate in the 2023 and 2024 “mini-camp,” told OSEN over the phone, “Kim Kwang-hyun buys me a lot of delicious food. He takes good care of my juniors. Thank you. I think I’ll have to buy some this time.”

Meanwhile, SSG’s first camp next year will be held in Florida, USA, as this year, and the second camp will be held in Taiwan.

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