“China money is sweet”… Fellaini earned 124.5 billion after leaving Manchester United

Sports media ‘Sports Bible’ reported on the 29th (Korea time), “Maruang Fellaini has made a lot of money since leaving Manchester United for China in 2019.”

Fellaini is a 194-centimeter-tall player who enjoys physical struggle, and in particular, Fellaini’s strength is his overwhelming ability to control balls in the air. Using his header, Fellaini seeks ownership of balls ranging from set piece, ground ball, counterattack to defense situations.랭크카지노

Joining Everton in 2008, he scored eight goals in the 2008/09 season and was named Everton’s Young Player of the Year. Notably, he also played as a striker under David Moyes, helping the team with his signature header. Since then, he has been in good shape every season and scored 11 goals in the 2012/13 season, making him one of the best midfielders in the Premier League.

After moving to Manchester United under the leadership of his teacher David Moyes in 2013, he was voted the Premier League’s worst recruitment, scoring zero league goals due to constant injury and sluggishness. Since then, he has played in the league repeatedly as a starting member and on the bench, and has been criticized by many fans for his unique rough fouls.

After moving to Shandong Taishan in the Chinese Super League in 2019, Fellaini has played for Shandong Taishan for five seasons so far. During this period, Fellaini appeared in 130 games in all of the tournaments, scoring 51 goals and helping with eight assists, contributing to the 2021 Chinese Super League championship and the club’s historic FA Cup treble. His outstanding athletic ability, leadership, and professionalism on and off the field are highly regarded by the club and Taishan fans.

Fellaini seems to have had an amazing performance since moving to Shandong, earning huge amounts of money. According to Salary Sports, Fellaini earns a whopping £18.82 million (W31.1 billion) a year and £75,296,000 (W124.5 billion) for four years.

Therefore, Fellaini is earning more than 350,000 pounds (about 570 million won) per share, similar to Mohammed Salah and Erling Holland.

In an interview with Telefoot, Fellaini said, “I think it’s the right time to leave Manchester United for China in 2019. It’s been 10 and a half years since I arrived in England. I had a beautiful season. Now I wanted a new challenge and a new adventure.”

Meanwhile, Fellaini has agreed to leave Taishan in Shandong Province at the end of this season.

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