We’ve been in last place for two consecutive years…After the opening of the new dome stadium, imports increased significantly, and the last place started with ‘8 foreign players.’

The Nippon-Ham Fighters, which marks its 50th anniversary, recently displayed a large-scale mural inside Escon Field, its home stadium in Kita Hiroshima, near Sapporo, Hokkaido. There were some baseball players who shone for the Fighters, and Yu Darvish of San Diego and Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Dodgers were sitting in the middle. Two of the best players in the Major League were from Nippon-Ham. When Darvish and Ohtani were active, the Fighters lifted the trophy for the Japan Series.월카지노

The Nippon Ham team of Darvish and Ohtani has been at the bottom of the league in recent years. It played only once in the fall season for seven years after winning the Pacific League and Japan Series in 2016. It played in the climax series in 2018 as the third place. The remaining six seasons ranked fifth and sixth.

Head coach Hideki Kuriyama went as the head coach of the WBC (World Baseball Classic) national team, and Tsuyoshi Shinjo took the helm and went all the way to the bottom. It ranked last among the six teams this year following 2022. This year, it sought to make another leap forward just in time for the opening of Escon Field, but it was not enough.

Last winter, Kondo Kensuke (30) became a free agent and moved to Softbank Hawks. He signed a seven-year, 5 billion-yen contract. It was not an amount that Nippon Ham could afford. In his first year of transfer, Kondo had 149 hits and 26 homers and 87 RBIs, tying for first in homers, first in RBIs and second in hits.

The Nippon Ham team, which aims to eliminate the last place, is aggressively trying to fill its capacity this winter. It recently brought in four players, including a Taiwanese player, and it is said that it is considering recruiting additional fielder and pitcher one each. Japanese media reportedly said that infielders and relief pitchers

He said there is a high possibility of reinforcing the number.

When the two players are combined, they will have a total of eight foreign players, including the remaining two. After moving from Tokyo to Hokkaido in 2004, he will become the first foreign player with the largest number of foreign players.

Japanese media reported that Nippon Ham plans to inject more income from the opening of the new stadium, Escon Field, into reinforcing its players. Nippon Ham left Sapporo Dome, which it had been using for high usage fees until last year, and moved to a new dome stadium. It is said that the number of spectators increased and operating profit increased significantly this season. The amount allocated to the team increased at the club level.

Of the six foreign players, five, excluding the fostering player, signed contracts for an annual salary of more than 100 million yen.

He also recruited Shichiya Yamasaki from the Orix Buffaloes as a free agent. He is a left-hander who has won 11 games (five losses) this season, and will fill the vacancy of Naoyuki Uwasa and 29, who are about to advance to the Major League.

Coach Shinjo, who came in last for two consecutive years, received a one-year reappointment. He has been attracting attention for his various and unconventional fan service, and it is time for him to get good grades.

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