Martin? First baseman? Right hand? NC foreign hitter status check

The more urgent it is, the more it turns. The NC Dinos are carefully covering the good seats of foreign batters.

NCs foreign batters remain unknown who will join it for the 2024 season. As of Friday, NC was the only team among the 10 baseball teams not to confirm the recruitment of foreign batters. As local teams in the U.S. go on Christmas vacation, chances are high that NCs foreign hitter contract will be over the next year. “By Christmas, there was no answer (from local teams) or the team was slow to respond,” NC`s general manager Lim Seon-nam told the newspaper over the phone.헤라카지노

Rival teams have rapidly signed contracts with foreign hitters, increasing pressure on them. Given the mood in the foreign player market, which is in a supply lower than demand, the sense of urgency inevitably increases. However, NC is continuing its 動 move in line with the goal it set when the Stove League started.

For starters, the team does not give much consideration to positions. There were many speculations about recruiting a foreign hitter at first base due to team circumstances, but outfielders are also on the candidate list. If a foreign hitter is recruited as an outfielder, the team is widely considering converting Kwon Hee-dong’s position to a first baseman.

However, the candidate must pass the precondition that he must be better than Jason Martin. Martin, who played for NC in the 2023 season, had a batting average of 0.283 (123 hits in 435 at-bats) with 17 homers and 90 RBIs. He missed the game for nearly a month due to his side injury early in the season, and he was strong enough to rank fourth in RBIs in the league (No. 1 player Roh Si-hwan, 101 RBIs). His batting pace has declined sharply since September, and he suffered from one hit and a poor batting average of 18 at-bats in the playoff against KT Wiz. As a result, he was excluded from the list after the season. NC is considering renewing his contract with Martin, but plans to search for a new player if possible.

The NC Dinosaurs had more left-handedness than other major hitters, including Son Ah-seop and Park Min-woo. In the lineup for the opening game of the 2023 season, four of the first to fifth hitters were left-handed ones, except for Park Kun-woo. “It would be nice if we could choose depending on the situation, but we can’t afford to do that,” Lim Seon-nam, the team’s general manager, said. Defending is as important as position and type of hitting. The NC Dinosaurs will not recruit foreign hitters who only attack. Manager Kang In-kwon uses designated hitters to ensure physical strength of key players, such as Son Ah-seop and Park Gun-woo. If a foreign hitter takes the designated batter, it could cause a setback in team management.

As he is looking for players who meet various requirements, he will need a little more time. “As the coach uses the designated hitter position as a concept to give him a break, it will be difficult for him to run the entry if a foreign hitter enters the designated hitter position. That’s why I think (foreign players) should defend,” Lim said.

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