“WK League Should Be Launched as a Professional League… Need to Introduce a Youth System”

South Korean women’s soccer’s “signboard stars” have emphasized the need for the WK League to become professional and introduce the youth system in unison.

The Korea Professional Footballer Association (hereinafter referred to as the Players Association) said on the 28th, “Women’s executives, including Ji So-hyun (Suwon FC), vice chairman Kang Ga-ae (Sports Toto), and board members, held a women’s soccer meeting,” adding, “Various opinions were presented for the development of women’s soccer.”랭크카지노

“The most important thing is that the Women’s WK League should make efforts to launch a professional league,” Chairman Ji said. “I felt it desperately at this Women’s World Cup as well. Women’s soccer can develop further only when the WK League is launched as a professional league as soon as possible.”

Vice Chairman Kang Ga-ae then argued for the need to introduce a systematic youth system as well as professionalization.

Vice Chairman Kang said, “When I recently met student players from Incheon Design High School, as well as family girls’ middle school and Gareim Elementary School and gave a ‘one-day lesson’, I felt that women’s soccer, like men’s soccer, needs a youth system.”

“Men’s players are systematically trained through the youth team to continue the legitimacy of the team, but it’s a shame that women’s soccer doesn’t have that,” he said. “If we foster players through the team’s youth system, various solutions will arise, including cost problems that student players are worried about.”

Kwon Eun-som (Suwon FC), who also attended the event, also said, “The reality of female youth is poor. I think many teams should be created,” adding, “It’s not that everyone wants to become a soccer player. I want to see more young people who like soccer and run around the field with the ball.”

The Players Association agreed to make continuous efforts to launch a professional league and introduce a youth system for female youth players, one of the agendas that came out at the meeting.

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