Silent ‘War of Others’… Impressed Seung, Seon, Ji

The 2024 Free Agent (FA) market is moving slowly. Among the 19 players announced by the KBO, even half of them have yet to find their home. Players who are evaluated as big fish have signed contracts, but Oh Seung-hwan (41) of the Samsung Lions and Kim Sun-bin (34) of the Kia Tigers, who have devoted themselves to their teams, have yet to announce their contracts.헤라카지노

Nine of this season’s FA have ended their contracts as of the 26th. Their total contract amounts to 48 billion won. The 2024 FA seems to continue quietly compared to the fact that Yang Eui-ji (36) and Park Min-woo (30) signed a contract worth 10 billion won last season.

While big contracts have disappeared from the FA this season, teams have generously opened their wallets to recruit “true” players. So far, the team has spent a total of 48 billion won (46 million U.S. dollars) on nine players. In terms of average, each player is worth 5.33 billion won (approx. The total amount of money spent on the 21 FA players in the last season amounted to 82.31 billion won (approx.

Oh Seung-hwan (from left), Kim Sun-bin, Lee Ji-young
This season, the FA opened and the news of the contract continued. On Nov. 20, Lotte Giants’ Jeon Joon-woo (37) signed his first four-year, 4.7 billion won (4.1 million U.S. dollars), and on the same day, Lotte’s An Chi-hong (33) moved to Hanwha for six years and 7.2 billion won (6.3 million dollars). The next day, Kia Tigers’ Ko Jong-wook (34) signed a two-year, 500 million won (54,000 dollars) contract with Kia on Nov. 21. KT closer Kim Jae-yoon (33) then moved to Samsung for a four-year, 5.8 billion won (4.23 million dollars).

LG, which has topped the Korean Series (KS) for the first time in 29 years, has successfully cracked down on its “home rabbit.” LG placed Lim Chan-kyu (31) on the 21st for up to 5 billion won for four years, and announced on the 24th that it had signed a contract with Ham Deok-ju (28) for up to 3.8 billion won. Oh Ji-hwan (33), who came to the FA market after announcing earlier that he had signed a multi-year contract, signed a six-year total of 12.4 billion won. Hanwha completed the contract with Jang Min-jae (33) for 2+1 years, 800 million won.

News of additional FA contract seems to take some time to come out. Veteran infielder Kim Sun-bin (34) has a wide gap of opinion with Kia. Kim reportedly expects a contract with more than Ahn Chi-hong, who posted a batting average of 0.303 and a batting average of 0.321 this season. Kim’s batting average is ahead of Ahn Chi-hong. He also seems to want Kia to take into account the fact that it has played in Kia since its debut in 2008. Kia has more than 1.5 billion won (1.1 million U.S. dollars) to cap its salary cap. However, Kia cannot afford to focus its time on Kim, as its young players including Lee Eui-ri (21), Kim Do-young (20) and Yoon Young-chul (19) are set to see steady increase in annual salaries. On top of this, other teams have already beefed up infields, so Kim does not have many options.

Kiwoom has also not been able to deliver the news of the FA. Catcher Lee Ji-young (37), who received his second FA, is unstable in his position. Kiwoom entrusted rookie Kim Dong-hun (19) with 102 home games last season. Lee Ji-young has played in only 81 games. Kiwoom, which has set the stage through generational change, seems difficult to make a big investment in Lee Ji-young.

Oh Seung-hwan is drawing the most attention. After a long hiatus, Oh spent 62.2 innings in 58 games this season, posting four wins, five losses and an ERA of 3.45. Although it is regrettable that he was called the “finalist,” he still has competitive edge, as he ranked third in this category with 30 saves last season. Samsung and Oh share the same view. Samsung’s general manager Lee Jong-yeol expressed his willingness to keep Oh, while Oh expressed his affection, saying, “Without Samsung, there would not have been a baseball player like Oh.” “It will only take some time, and we have the same meaning, so there will be no big problem with contract,” a Samsung official said.

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