Born as the son of a firefighter, he stands out as a hot guy in the K-League, and the three driving forces behind “Young Player” Jung Ho-yeon

In 2023, there was a midfielder who appeared like a comet in Korean soccer, and Jung Ho-yeon (23, Gwangju) will be featured. Jung Ho-yeon, who has no common youth national team experience, not only made Gwangju’s third-place sensation in the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 but also took Hwang Sun-hong on board and won the gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games. Jeong Ho-yeon, who has emerged as a “trendy midfielder” in the K League, won the Young Player Award in her second year as a professional player and her debut season in the K League 1, ending an unforgettable 2023. “I saw a greater potential as a player. It was a year when I could dream of a higher stage by doing better and growing up further,” Jung said.

It was unimaginable just two years ago. Jeong Ho-yeon, a graduate of Gwangju Youth Kumho High School, was called up by a professional team after finishing her junior year at Dankook University, unlike her peers who advanced to the professional stage after finishing their first and second grades. It was a tough time for her to confess that she was disappointed. “At that time, I realized that nothing was going as I wanted and planned. I stayed one more year and took it as a sign that I wanted to learn more, so I worked harder,” Jeong said.랭크카지노

His debut in the main league was all the more meaningful for Chung Ho-yeon, who was a ball boy at a professional game in Gwangju when he was a student. Jeong Ho-yeon, who joined Gwangju, a member of the K-League 2 during the 2022 season, and quickly became the starting midfielder, made his K-League 1 debut through the opening match against Suwon on Feb. 25. “I was very nervous. I got scolded by coach Lee Jung-hyo at half-time by saying, ‘I will not do it with confidence.’ After hearing that, I calmed down. I played the game with the intention of making mistakes with confidence. It was worthwhile to face off (professional players). As I experienced it, I thought that I would be able to become similar or overcome it.” Since then, Chung Ho-yeon has stood out as the best central midfielder in this year’s K-League, which is recognized as a professional golfer.

What made Chung Ho-yeon a young player? The first driving force is his diligence inherited from his parents. “When I rest, I feel itchy. Sometimes I don’t want to exercise after dinner, but after exercising, I feel proud and I start exercising,” said Chung. An official from the Chung Ho-yeon team said, “I tend to exercise only when I exercise every day.” Chung’s father works as a firefighter in his hometown of Mokpo. “My father is diligent,” Chung said.

Lee Jung-hyo’s presence is the second driving force behind Chung Ho-yeon’s rise from the Gwangju ace to the rising star of Korean soccer midfielder. Jeong, who tends to be a “dramatic I,” said Lee, “I was nervous” when he was scolded, but he nourished his growth by every word Lee said. “Lee Jung-hyo’s soccer is so detailed. All I’ve learned so far is ‘Do it like this,’ and the coach explains why we have to do it in such a situation and allows us to understand it. It seems that he has re-established the concept of soccer.”

The third driving force is grand goal and dream. Having aimed to debut at the Gwangju pro team when he was a ball boy, Chung is now aiming to enter the European team with the Korean national team. He has played a key role in the Asian Games, going beyond just being an assistant, and showing off his skills to the A-team coach, Jürgen Klinsmann. Hopefully, the moment will come soon when he exchanges balls with Hwang In-beom (Turbena Zvezda), who he usually uses as his role model. Going into Europe is getting closer. During the last season, scouts from some European teams, including Celtic, came to see Chung play for themselves. Chung expressed his desire to “play in the Spanish Primera Liga,” if he could choose a league. He has always liked the style of FC Barcelona since he was young. Chung is sweating in Gwangju, having returned his vacation to achieve his dream in 2024.

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