SSG ‘Finishing Pitcher’ Seo Jin-yong, Save King with his arms that are hard to wash… “One more time next year.”

Seo Jin-yong (31), the closing pitcher of the professional baseball SSG, made history in the KBO League’s saving category for the 2023 season. He left his name as the first pitcher to achieve 30 saves without a single blon save since 2006, when the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) began counting related records. Seo Jin-yong said on the phone with a reporter on the 23rd, “I remember the most about recording 30 no-blon saves for the first time.”헤라카지노

Seo’s no-blon march, which continued until his 34th save, broke down against Doosan Bears in Jamsil on Aug. 27. At the time, Seo took the mound in the bottom of the ninth inning with a score of 5-4 and allowed two hits and a sacrifice fly to tie the game. This was his first blon save of the season. There was an unfortunate situation that I couldn’t talk about so far because it might be considered as an excuse. At the time, Seo’s arm was not in the best condition ever. “I didn’t say it because it felt like I was pinning a finger, but my arm was throbbing and hurting too much,” Seo said. The pain was caused by a bone fragment in his right elbow.

He said he felt uncomfortable when washing his face because of bone fragments. It was difficult to throw a perfect ball with his arm condition, which is struggling even in everyday life. “There were times when bone fragments got stuck and my arm couldn’t fold. I had to move my arm to move the bone fragment and throw the ball,” Seo said. “As my arm hurts, my forkball didn’t fall much and I went in flat.” Due to arm pain, Seo made six blon saves in the second half alone.

Even though he felt something wrong with his arm, he steadfastly kept the mound. He felt a lot of responsibility as a closing pitcher. “I didn’t want to put pressure on other bullpen pitchers such as (Roh) Kyung-eun and (H) Hyo-jun,” Seo said. “I pitched without fail unless I had special circumstances such as consecutive games because I was not bad at throwing.” Seo, who continued pitching with strong determination, achieved the 40-save mark, which was allowed only by five players in the KBO league history, including Jung Myung-won, Jin Pil-joong, Oh Seung-hwan, Son Seung-rak, and Ko Woo-suk. With five wins, four losses and 42 saves with an ERA of 2.58 in 69 games (73 innings), he confidently won the title of “save king.”

Seo Jin-yong, who finished the year, was the first to receive surgery to remove bone fragments. A CT scan reportedly showed broken bones in his elbow in addition to bone fragments. “There are expectations that I will be able to start the season with better arms,” he said. “I am worried that I will be able to do better next season without getting sick.”

Currently, Seo is committed to rehabilitation so that he can take the mound smoothly from the start of next season. He is determined to continue his career-high performance next year. “Since I became the Save King this year, my surroundings and I have high expectations for next season,” he said. “If I continue to play this season without getting injured, I think I will set a record naturally. I will try to become the Save King again next year.”

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