Kim Min-jae’s ‘Walkle’ is right… Outside of Germany, it is certified as the ‘World Best DF in 2023’

South Korean central defender Kim Min-jae (27), who is playing on the German professional football Bundesliga stage, has been repeatedly proven to be the world’s best defense.

Sports Kida, a British sports media outlet, selected and announced five central defenders who showed the best performance of the year in 2023 on the 25th (Korea time), and selected Kim Min-jae as the No. 1 among them. The players who were named together are the world’s best recognized world classes, including Juvang Díaz (Manchester City), David Alaba (Real Madrid), William Saliba (Arnal), and Virgil van Dijk (Liverpool).랭크카지노

“Kim Min-jae gave the Italian Serie A trophy to Napoli (Italy) for the first time in 33 years in the 2022-23 season. He is the best player not only in physical but also in technical and mental aspects,” Sports Kida said. “As of now, he is clearly the world’s best center back.”

Kim Min-jae ranked 22nd, the highest among defenders, at the Ballon d’Or award ceremony held in October. Fuscoord, a website specializing in soccer statistics, included Kim Min-jae in the best 11 in the first half of the Bundesliga based on game-by-game ratings.

However, soccer experts and media in the German Bundesliga, where Kim Min-jae is involved, are using harsher standards. The person who leads this atmosphere is German soccer legend Lothar Mateus. On the 24th, he selected the best 11 in the first half of the Bundesliga through Sky Sports, excluding Kim Min-jae from the defense. Instead, he selected two central defenders, Jonathan Ta and Edmond Topsova, from the league’s leading Leverkusen, at once.

Kim Min-jae’s remarks are also sharp. “Kim Min-jae has not yet shown the level we expected,” he said. “For now, it is more of a source of instability for Bayern Munich. I don’t think negatively about it, but first of all, getting used to the Bundesliga is the first thing.”

Some German media seem to agree with this view. The German soccer authority Bild released the average rating of Bayern Munich players who finished the first half of the Bundesliga on the 23rd, and Kim Min-jae scored 3.2667 points in the evaluation, which was made with 1 to 5 points (the highest rating was 1 point). The score is 16th among the 20 players who rated. Ironically, Matthijs Dericht, who played in only five games due to injury, led Kim Min-jae with 2.6 points.

Why is Kim Min-jae especially undervalued in Germany after repeatedly pushing ahead with controversies over excessive labor throughout the first half of this season? Experts say that the reason is high expectations for Bayern Munich, a leading club in the Bundesliga.

Munich, which has established a top-class European lineup, finished the first half in second place, four points behind the leader Leverkusen. This means that rather than the offense led by Harry Kane, Kim Min-jae is holding the defense team responsible for the central role. In fact, Matheus is also known to use a relatively sharp standard against Munich. For Kim Min-jae, proving his team’s performance in the Bundesliga and the European Champions League in the second half of the year is the most effective solution.

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