‘Stealing sign’ Redick slammed the Dodgers for $325 million contract with Yamamoto, but ‘backwind’… “What about you who pocketed $54 million at a batting average of 0.269?”

Former Houston Astros player Josh Redick is facing a “backwind” after criticizing the Los Angeles Dodgers for signing Yoshinobu Yamamoto to a 12-year, $325 million contract.랭크카지노

Redic wrote on his SNS account on the 23rd (Korea Standard Time), “How can you give $325 million to a pitcher who has never thrown a ball in MLB?”

Yamamoto is not a proven player in Major League Baseball.

He also wrote in his post, “I agree,” in the comment, “Baseball is ruined.”

Yamamoto recorded a very impressive 1.21 ERA in 23 games in 2023.

He won the Sawamura Award, similar to the Cy Young Award in the Major League, and was named the MVP three times. He was also the only player in the professional history to win the Triple Crown (multiple wins in the league, strikeouts and ERA) for three consecutive years.

Redick is known as one of the players involved in the ‘Sign-Humming’ scandal at the 2017 World Series.

At the time, however, he said, “Why should I apologize? Other teams also did ‘stealing signs’, but they didn’t apologize to me.”

Fans countered to explain how the person at the time of cheating could claim that “baseball is ruined.”

One fan wrote, “How can you say you’re still a world champion after a trick?”

Another fan asked, “How can the batting average from 0.258 in 2016 rise to 0.314 in 2017 and fall back to 0.242 in 2018?”

There was also a fan who sarcastically said, “I like how you earned $54 million with a batting average of 0.269.”

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