Lee Seung-won, who dreams of entering Europe, said, “I want to play in the EPL… But I have to play well in the K League first.”

Gangwon FC midfielder Lee Seung-won (20) made a name for himself around the world when he played a leading role in the “semi-final myth” at the 2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup held in Argentina in May and even won the “Bronze Bowl.” In particular, he impressed scouts from big European clubs who gathered to observe young players at the time.

In fact, local media reported that Lee Seung-won is drawing attention from multiple teams in the English Premier League. Some specific names of clubs such as Liverpool and Wolverhampton Wanderers were mentioned. “He has the ability to become a key player for high-ranking teams such as the Spanish La Liga and the German Bundesliga,” said Lee Seung-won, a football talent scout who introduces promising players in the soccer world.

Lee Seung-won is also dreaming of entering Europe. Notably, Kim Ji-soo (18) and Bae Joon-ho (20) who both played for the U-20 national team succeeded in entering Europe last summer when they moved to Brentford and Stoke City, respectively. “I want to play in the EPL. I want to try it as soon as possible,” he said.

Of course, Lee Seung-won set his goal to advance to Europe, but stressed that the first thing to do is to clearly represent the K-League by performing well in Gangwon Province first. “The priority is to perform well in the K-League. That way, I think Europe will also pay more attention,” he said. “I think it will be important to show good performance in the given place.”

Lee Seung-won continued, “My goal next year is not just to gain experience, but to have a better season than this year. I will increase my playing time and raise my offensive points,” adding, “It’s not really easy to raise offensive points in the K-League, but I want to try more than five because I’m slightly greedy,” and vowed to show more improvement next season.

Hereinafter, Lee Seung-won’s interview is a Q&A.

Do you keep in touch with the members of the U-20 World Cup.

“There are some players who are showing good performances in Korea, and others who are overseas. There are many players who are showing good performances. We keep in touch with each other constantly, and we meet with each other occasionally. We have been keeping in touch with each other.”랭크카지노

Among the members of the U-20 World Cup, I think they are dreaming of entering Europe like Kim Ji-soo and Bae Jun-ho.

“Watching my friends advance to the European stage, I am very greedy and I want to try as soon as possible. However, the priority is to play well from the K-League right now. That way, I think they will be more interested in me in Europe and can go and influence me. First of all, I think the most important thing is to show a good performance in the given place.”

What kind of European stage do you want to try.

“I want to play in the English Premier League.”

Military service is also important to advance to the European stage, and nowadays, young players often join Gimcheon Sangmu early and solve military service problems.

“I’m also thinking deeply about that, but for now, it’s only been six months since my debut, and I’m starting to adjust to the team. And anyway, as a Gangwon player, I think I have to put more effort and show something. That’s why I still want to focus more on Gangwon.”

Do you keep in touch with director Kim Eun-joong.

“I keep in touch from time to time. The coach gave me advice by comparing what I saw while coaching me with how I was playing in the K-League. He gave me feedback saying what I needed more and what kind of things I wanted him to show. The K-League’s tempo is so fast and there are so many good players anyway, so there are not many things I can do, but as a rookie player, he told me to show fighting spirit and vitality in the stadium.”

What Gangwon needs to supplement to raise its ranking next year.

“Since Yoon Jung-hwan took the helm, he has changed a lot as he challenged for a very aggressive and dynamic soccer game. However, he lacked a lot of goals. In terms of tactics, I believe that if we trust the coach and follow him, we will definitely achieve a better game and results, so if we supplement our scoring ability further from the front, I think we will have good performances and become a higher ranking next year.”

As he plays in a high position, he is likely to be responsible for his insufficient scoring ability.

“I agree on that. So, I personally think that next year, I should be a player who can bring joy to our fans, not just an experienced player, so I will be more ambitious about the attack point.”

What kind of player do you want to grow into and what kind of player do you want to remain with your fans.

“As a player with Kangwon, it is my first time to be a player who is more responsible and can bring joy to my fans. Also, becoming a more recognized player in the team and a good player that anyone can know just by their name is the ideal way I’m thinking now.”

What’s your goal for next season.

“First of all, having a better season than this year is a priority, and I will increase my playing time.” I will try to set a target with more than 20 games. (How many attack points do you have in mind?) It is really hard to set an attack point. From what I feel, it is really not easy to raise an attack point in the K-League. I want to try more than five because I am slightly greedy. (Which one do you want to focus more on, goal or help?) I think assist is better for me.”

Please say something to the fans.

“Even though my performance this year was not good, the fans sent me a lot of support. Thank you so much. It must have been hard for you to watch as you went to the promotion and promotion PO, but anyway, I succeeded in staying and I’m changing a lot, so if you trust me and wait for me, I’ll show you a better performance next year. The players are also feeling it a lot, so I’ll try a lot to get good results through fun soccer. I hope you continue to support Gangwon and believe in it until the end.”

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