Big Bird Co-use? AC Milan-Inter Milan is also breaking up…

The plan for the two clubs to use the Suwon World Cup Stadium (Big Bird) has been reignited. The controversy over the joint use of the Suwon World Cup Stadium arose from the mouth of Choi Soon-ho, head of Suwon FC.

In this regard, the soccer community is also suggesting that if they can use a good stadium together, they should do so, but some point out that it is not in line with the trend of managing teams that share their own stadiums in Europe.

Suwon FC, which is currently using the Suwon Sports Complex, is suffering from aging facilities and poor viewing environment. Marking its 52nd anniversary this year, the main stadium, which was completed in 1971, is a sports complex that seats 11,808 people and can accommodate up to 15,000 spectators.

As there are track and field tracks in the stadium, it is not a good environment to watch soccer games. However, variable seats where home supporters sit are placed at the back of the North Korean goalpost, providing a better view. However, away fans at Suwon Stadium had to cheer for the players with a clearly visible view. There are no wheelchair seats in the stands of away teams.

Facilities inside the stadium for visitors are also poor, with “sitting down” toilets still occupying a large number of seats. The facilities for various games, such as ball boy waiting rooms and away team locker rooms, are hardly considered the first division of the “Asian Big League.”

As Suwon Stadium was shared with Suwon FC Women in women’s soccer, Suwon FC also had difficulty securing a training site.

In response, Suwon FC is considering an alternative to using Suwon World Cup Stadium, which is Suwon’s home stadium, as if it were a “one-roofed family.” There are no procedural obstacles. The Suwon World Cup Stadium is being managed by the Gyeonggi Suwon World Cup Stadium Management Foundation, not the Suwon club. Gyeonggi Province holds 60 percent of the stake in the foundation and Suwon City 40 percent. According to the foundation’s regulations, anyone can apply for a lease to the foundation. While Suwon World Cup Stadium is rented and used from the foundation every year, the annual rental fee for the stadium is known to be less than 1 billion won.

Under such circumstances, Suwon FC will take full-fledged steps to allow the K-League 1 Suwon FC home game and K-League 2 Suwon home game to be held at Suwon World Cup Stadium starting next season. To this end, the Korea Professional Football Association should complete the approval for the change of the home stadium before the end of January next year when the 2024 season schedule is announced.

Suwon FC is in a position to start related procedures before the year passes to hear the voices of fans and various civil society, including the Suwon World Cup Stadium Management Foundation, Suwon Club, and the Korea Professional Football Federation.

Suwon FC’s plan to use the big bird was also a problem when Choi took office in January because Suwon Mayor Lee Jae-joon said, “We are considering using Suwon World Cup Stadium as our home stadium with Suwon Samsung.” Suwon is also renting the stadium through the foundation, so if Suwon FC’s K-League 1 match and Suwon’s K-League 2 match do not overlap, there will be no physical problem with Suwon FC’s rental.

If the club applies for a change in the home stadium, the Korea Professional Football Federation will decide whether to approve it through due diligence.랭크카지노

However, Suwon FC’s departure from Suwon Sports Complex is rather disadvantageous. The first is that the location of Suwon Sports Complex itself is better than that of Suwon World Cup Stadium.

Suwon Stadium has benefited from the KT Wiz baseball team to some extent. Since baseball games are played three days a week in summer, there are seven bus stops around the baseball stadium, sports complex and indoor gymnasium, taking into account the floating population. It is different from Suwon World Cup Stadium, which has only four bus stops.

Even considering Suwon FC’s fandom, some say that Suwon Sports Complex is the perfect place. Suwon FC has seen an increase in attendance in the 2023 season, but the average attendance based on 19 home games is 5,188. Compared to Suwon’s average attendance record of 11,798, it is almost twice the difference.

If Suwon FC, which has an average of 5,000 spectators, plays at the 43,168-seat Suwon World Cup Stadium, it will be a great deal of relief to remain in the stadium. Rather, it means that a more cohesive atmosphere of cheering will be possible at Suwon Sports Complex.

It is pointed out that various reviews are needed in terms of marketing as well. AC Milan and Inter Milan, two prestigious Italian clubs, are considered to share the home stadium, but the two clubs are also dreaming of their own lives recently. In December 2021, the two clubs submitted their new stadium project, The Catedral, to the Milan City Council.

However, it was announced in February that the relationship with Inter Milan had changed when Redbird, a new American capital, came to AC Milan as the owner, and that Inter Milan, owned by China’s Suning Group, had decided to leave San Siro. AC Milan and Inter Milan have also found that they do not even use the same stadium if relations go awry.

Juventus and Turin, which shared the public stadium in Turin, also eventually split. Juventus has built its own home stadium. It is based on the judgment that it is a win-win situation to have each other’s home stadium in terms of marketing. The Allianz Arena in Munich was also used by Bayern Munich and TSV1860 when it was completed in 2006, but now only Bayern Munich is using it. As 1860 Munich moved around the lower leagues, the huge stadium that accommodates 70,000 people felt too much for renting or accommodating spectators.

The relationship between Suwon and Suwon FC is not good or bad, but sufficient consultation and cooperation from Suwon are needed.

However, Suwon’s position is firm. “We have never received an official proposal from Suwon FC nor discussed it,” a source from Suwon said. “Considering the sponsor, fandom and club identity, sharing the big bird is a matter that is directly related to Suwon’s right to live.”

First of all, General Manager Choi is also slowing down due to the sudden controversy.

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