There are two more victims of ‘rude talk’… “Isn’t it a disability?” and “Your son is a failed life.”

It has been revealed that A, a referee executive of the Korea Football Association (KFA), abused his junior referee B. (My Daily reported exclusively on December 20)월카지노

He poured out abusive language, including abusive language, because he did not answer the phone. B was mentally hurt and received psychiatric treatment. It happened last August.

A’s rude talk victim was not just B. Another two junior judges, C and D, heard rude talk from A. C suffered a rude talk from A in July and D suffered from A in October. In other words, including B, it is three times in four months, from July, August, and October. Repeated rude talk happened.

After the K League in July, judges and evaluators had a meeting. A and C were in one place. C had surgery on his right knee and did not completely rehabilitate. That’s why he sometimes seems to limp while running. However, there is no problem in acting as a referee.

A asked C, “I think your legs are uncomfortable,” and C explained his condition to A. Then A spat out, “Isn’t that a disability?” He said this when his colleagues were listening to him. C reported to the superiors, and A apologized to C.

The incident last October took place at the KFA Football Center. About 10 referees and analysts had a meeting. A and D were in one place. D was about to give birth to a two-year-old child.

A asked D, “Is it a son or a daughter?” D replied, “Is it a son?” A said, “Your son is a failed life.” A said this while everyone else was listening. D informed his superiors that he was quitting, and his superiors were dissuaded. Then, he naturally terminated his contract. A’s apology never came. 

A explained, “Isn’t that a disability?” To the comment, A said, “I made it to make the atmosphere pleasant because I thought we were close. I didn’t mean to hurt others. They don’t seem to know my personality well. It’s like an expression of familiarity. I apologize.”

As for the comment, “Your son is a failed life,” he said, “I don’t remember exactly what I said at the time. I remember talking about my son and daughter, and I probably just made a joke. At the time, everyone seemed to be joking. I didn’t say it because I had strong feelings. I expressed that I would like my daughter more than my son. I made a mistake.”

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