Agent direct negotiation admission, center back transfusion → Tottenham’s all-round move… Manchester United displeased with ‘hijacking’

Tottenham is moving in all directions to transfuse center backs ahead of the winter transfer market in January.랭크카지노

The agent of LaDou Dragucin (21), who plays in the Italian Serie A league, admitted his talks with Tottenham in person. Florin Manaea, Dragucin’s agent, said, “We had discussions with Tottenham regarding Dragucin. Tottenham is interested and we will see what happens in the next transfer window.”

Dragusin from Romania is a center back discovered by Juventus. He was fully transferred this season after loaning out Genoah. Analysts say that he has contributed greatly to promoting Genoah of Serie B to the first division last season.

Dragousin is also eyeing Manchester United and Arsenal. Is it because of this? The Sun of the U.K. reported on the 20th (Korean time) that Tottenham is negotiating to hijack Dragousin, who is known as Manchester United’s top target.

Tottenham sent a scout to the 16th round of Serie A, where Genoah and Juventus clashed on the 16th. Dragusin played full time, and the game ended one-on-one.

Dragusin’s transfer fee is reported to be 26 million pounds (about 43 billion won). There is also a link with Tottenham. Former general manager Fabio Paratici recruited Dragusin during his time at Juventus.

Although he stepped down as Tottenham manager early this year due to suspension of his qualification, Paratici is still working with Tottenham based on consulting. He also showed up at a game with Tottenham in this season.

Tottenham desperately needs to reinforce its center back. Mickey Van Der Pen is out of power due to a hamstring injury. Kristia Romero is always “worried about the red card.”

Eric Dier’s “out,” whose contract ends at the end of this season, is also a matter of time. Tottenham is also negotiating to recruit Jean-Claire Todibo (23) of Nice, France.

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