‘5.6 billion → 8.5 billion → 11.5 billion → 15.2 billion’ Aggressive FA Investment Ranked No. 1 in ransom for Top 40… Will it prove the highest class

Will the Doosan Bears, which ranked first in the total amount of the top 40 players in annual salary, be able to wash off the disappointment of the fifth place with a play worthy of next season’s ransom.

KBO (Korea Baseball Organization) announced on the 20th the total amount of the top 40 annual salaries for each club in 2023.

KBO introduced a salary cap system that will take effect in 2023 to upgrade its league power and continue development, and the upper limit of the salary cap has been confirmed to be KRW 11.42638 billion, 120% of the club’s annual average amount, which adds up to the top 40 annual salaries (annual salary, option actual payment, and FA annual average down payment among each club’s players, excluding foreign players and rookies).헤라카지노

According to the annual salary calculation results for each team in 2023, none of them exceeded the ceiling of salary cap. By team, Doosan recorded the highest amount among 10 teams with 11.18 billion won (11.17 million U.S. dollars). Six of the 10 teams, including SSG with 10.846 billion won (9.1 million dollars), LG with 10.797.5 billion won (9.1 million dollars), Lotte with 10.64667 billion won (9.1 million dollars), Samsung with 10.04 billion won (9.73 million dollars), and NC with 10.8812 billion won (9.1 million dollars), recorded more than 10 billion won (9.1 million dollars).

Doosan topped the top 40 ransom list by beating SSG, which has drawn attention through multi-year contracts, and LG, which is lined with high-paid people, because it has invested a large amount of money in staying in the internal FA.

Having established a dynasty by advancing to the Korean Series for the first time in the KBO League for seven consecutive years, Doosan ended its journey with Choi Joo-hwan (SSG), Oh Jae-il (Samsung), Park Gun-woo (NC), and Park Se-hyuk (NC), but invested a lot of money in remaining Kim Jae-ho (three years worth 2.5 billion won (2.3 million dollars), Heo Kyung-min (four years worth 8.5 billion won), Jung Soo-bin (six years worth 5.6 billion won), and Kim Jae-hwan (four years worth 11.5 billion won), before the 2023 season, and even returned to Yang Eui-ji for 4+2 years, making a name for himself in the Stove League. It ranks first in terms of total amount of FA in the KBO League.

The Doosan Bears disappeared into history after the Korean Series in 2021. After humiliating the ninth place for the first time in 2022, Lee returned to the postseason as fifth this year with Lee Seung-yeop’s appointment, but the fall baseball season ended in just one game.

Unfortunately, the dynasty began to decline from the time when the club invested a large amount of money. Jung Soo-bin and Heo Kyung-min started their FA contracts in 2021, and Kim Jae-hwan in 2022, but all three players’ efforts failed to lead to results. In particular, Kim Jae-hwan suffered a severe slump with 23 home runs with a batting average of 248 in 2022 and 2010 home runs in 2023, and had to suffer the most controversy over “eat and run” among them. In 2023, Heo Kyung-min’s annual salary was 1.2 billion won, Jung Soo-bin 600 million won, and Kim Jae-hwan 1.5 billion won.

A professional is money, and money represents a player’s value and ability. This is why if you receive a large amount of money and do not perform accordingly, you are labeled as “Muk-tui”. Of course, baseball does not determine the performance of a specific player, but when you look at the top teams every year, high-paid players are usually at the center. The club also wants to play the role and boldly pays a large amount of money.

Doosan`s high-paying players, who rank No. 1 in total annual salary, are preparing for the 2024 season with more desperately than ever. Although Doosan and Lee achieved invaluable accomplishment of ranking fifth this year, fans booed at the final game at home, and the fall stage also ended in vain after one game due to defeat in Game 1 of the wild card decider. All of its players are already sweating profusely, aiming for at least third place in next season.

In particular, Kim Jae-hwan has been notable for his moves. He joined the closing camp and was coached by Lee Seung-yeop, a former “national batter,” as well as traveled to the U.S. without taking a break to take lessons from Kang Jung-ho, a former Major Leaguer. “Kim Jae-hwan will definitely change next year,” Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop said, expressing confidence that his big guns will make a comeback.

Yang Eui-ji won the Golden Glove in the catcher category with a batting average of .35 with 17 home runs and 68 RBIs in 129 games this year, but he gave himself failing points in his first year as an FA.

Yang Eui-ji also said, “I think Doosan will be one step stronger next year, taking this year as a stepping stone. Next year, the coach, players, and the front desk are all looking forward to it. We will work hard together so that the coach can receive cheers.”

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