Will Lotte’s left-hander Legend’s “Left-hander Trustman” puzzle succeed

Will Lotte Giants’ left-handed trust man be born in the 2024 season? Lotte, which has been considered a weak point of lack of power and left-handed pitchers, has recently strengthened its left-handed depth, fueling expectations for next season. Moreover, as the new pitching coach is a left-handed legend, there is hope that the heyday of left-handed pitchers will finally come.헤라카지노

Lotte recently announced the recruitment of left-handed pitcher Lim Joon-seop, along with the completion of the formation of foreign players who will join the team for the next season. Following recruitment of Jin Hae-soo last month, Lotte has been beefing up its left-handed bullpen by bringing in Lim Joon-seop.

Notably, both Jin and Lim are “Busan men.” After graduating from Kyungnam Middle School and Bukkeu High School, Jin was drafted by the Kia Tigers as the 50th pick in the second seventh round in the 2005 rookie draft. Afterwards, he joined the Lotte Marines of the SK Wyverns (currently the SSG Landers) and the LG Twins. Jin played as a left-handed winning team for the LG Twins, but this year, he only posted an ERA of 3.68 while holding two games in 19 games. After graduating from Busan Middle School and Kaesong High School, Lim made his professional debut through the Kia Tigers in 2012. Having joined the Hanwha Eagles in a trade, Lim played for the SSG this year and recorded 368 wins, 26 losses and an ERA of 5.67 in 200 games in the KBO League.

As a result, Lotte has increased its left-hander capacity available next season. Shim Jae-min, Chung Hyeon-soo, and Hong Min-ki are also available resources. Shim Jae-min brought in infielder Lee Ho-yeon after Lotte gave up the infielder Lee Ho-yeon to the kt Wiz during this season. Chung Hyeon-soo was selected by Lotte in the second round of the rookie draft held in September. Hong Min-ki returned to the team in May after finishing his military service. Hong Min-ki is a special left-hander who wore a Lotte uniform as the fourth overall pick in the first round of the second draft in 2020. Since joining the military in November 2021, he has recently been improving his physical condition in the secondary league after being discharged from the military.

Lotte is dreaming of reviving a left-hander this year by recruiting former Yang Jeong-cho coach Joo Hyung-kwang as its new first-team pitching coach. For several years, Lotte has experienced a shortage of left-handed pitchers with only “Young Gun” Kim Jin-wook as its main left-hander. It is not enough to include rookie Lee Tae-yeon, who stood out early this season. Under these circumstances, it is highly welcome that Joo will return to Lotte. Coach Joo, who reigned as a left-handed legend in his team before Jang Won-joon joined the Lotte Marines in 2007, has a remarkable career of being the youngest player to win a game and complete a complete game in the KBO League.

In a telephone interview with the International Newspaper on Wednesday, coach Joo picked Kim Jin-wook as a key left-hander for next season. Shim Jae-min is the first to select the fifth starting pitcher, and plans to select Jin Hae-soo, Jung Hyun-soo, and Lim Joon-seop in the order for now. “Kim Jin-wook holds the key of the left-hander next season,” coach Joo said. “I hope Jin-wook can take the mound around the sixth and seventh innings to prevent him from losing points, even if he is not in the winning team. Shim Jae-min and Han Hyun-hee are leading in the fifth starting pitcher.” “Since Jin has experience throwing balls in the first team recently, I think he will take the top priority. If Jung Hyun-soo keeps up with his physical condition, he will be able to utilize his left-hander more effectively.”

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