“Positive evaluation after Lee Jung-hoo.” MLB.COM said, “High contact ratio + tremendous speed, and excellent defense.”

There was a positive outlook for San Francisco Giants outfielder Lee Jung-hoo, who has been receiving a lot of attention even before his big league debut.

Major League Baseball’s official website MLB.com introduced 10 potential candidates who could be on the all-MLB team list on the 18th (Korea Standard Time). The media mentioned Lee Jung-hoo, Bobby Wit Jr. (Kansas City Royals), Royce Lewis (Minnesota Twins), Spencer Steer (Cincinnati Reds), Evan Carter (Texas Rangers), Janier Diaz (Houston Astros), Paul Skenes (Pittsburgh Pirates), George Kirby (Seattle Mariners), and Imana Shota.월카지노

This year’s MLB team is made up of the best players in each position for both offense and defense. The first team is made up of the best players of the season, and the second team is made up of runners-up from each position. The result is determined by summing up 50% of the online fan vote and 50% of the votes from a panel consisting of media workers, club officials, and former players. As a Korean player, “Korean Monster” Ryu Hyun-jin was selected as the second starting pitcher of MLB’s team for the second consecutive year from 2019 to 2020.

If so, what is the reason why Lee Jung-hoo received good reviews? MLB.com said, “It is not yet known what kind of performance Lee Jung-hoo, who signed a six-year contract worth $113 million (about 147.2 billion won), will perform in the Major League, but he showed concern at the plate,” adding, “The groundball ratio is close to 60%, and the slugging ratio fell 0.120 compared to the previous year as he failed to play the entire season due to injury this year when he was with the Kiwoom Heroes.”

At the same time, MLB.com praised Lee Jung-hoo, “There are many things I like about his typing profile. He has a very high contact rate, tremendous speed, and has a baseball pedigree called ‘Wind’ Sonjo.”

“Lee Jung-hoo sent the ball in all directions (both left and right), and this can work in an advantageous way at Oracle Park, where the outfield is wide and deep,” he said, adding, “He is only 25 years old and shows off his good defense.”

In addition, MLB.com viewed Lee Jung-hoo’s big league challenge positively, saying, “It’s not hard to imagine Lee Jung-hoo living up to his pledge at his joining press conference, ‘I’ll make fans impressed by my skills from the opening game.” Despite concerns, the media predicts that there will be no big problems in adapting to the big league.

Lee Jung-hoo, who agreed to a six-year, $113 million contract with San Francisco on the 13th, officially confirmed his joining on the 15th after completing a physical examination, and held a press conference at Oracle Park the next day.

According to San Francisco, Lee Jung-hoo receives an annual salary of $7 million in 2024, $16 million in 2025, $22 million in 2026 and 2027, and $20.5 million in 2028 and 2029. The down payment is $5 million.

In addition, the players and the club also included a part regarding charitable donations in the contract. Through the Giants Community Fund, Lee Jung-hoo will donate $60,000 in 2024, $80,000 in 2025, $110,000 in 2026 and 2027, and $102,500 in 2028 and 2029.

Lee Jung-hoo, who has been preparing his thoughts in English, said, “Hello, Giants. My name is Lee Jung-hoo. I am the grandson of the wind from Korea. I am grateful to the San Francisco team that recruited me. I am especially grateful to my agent Scott Boras. I came to San Francisco to win. Let’s go Giants!” to leave a strong impression on local fans.

“As a fan of Major League Baseball since I was young, San Francisco has a long history and many legends who have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. I also liked San Francisco because it won a lot of games and had a long tradition. I’m honored that you chose San Francisco as a team with a long history,” he said. “I think we need to prepare to quickly adapt to the new environment by adapting to the time difference. I will try my best to become a player who can bring victory to our team.”

Meanwhile, Lee Jung-hoo, who completed the joining press conference after signing with San Francisco, will return to Korea through Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 on the afternoon of the 19th and express his feelings about entering the big league through domestic media.

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