First enlistment of the winning member. F.A. driving themselves. Colleagues who saw them off on the team bus. This was the driving force behind winning the “One Team”

It feels like my high school and college friends are seeing off a friend who is going to the military. Professional players. Who would believe it if LG Twins players came to Nonsan training center by bus as a group to see off.

LG Twins right-hander Lee Jung-yong joined the military on Wednesday, and his teammates came running so that he wouldn’t feel lonely. Lim Chan-gyu, who had a headache from FA negotiations, drove Lee Jung-yong to Nonsan in person. Captain Oh Ji-hwan asked the club for a bus and drove his teammates who wanted to see him off. Kim Yoon-sik, Park Myung-geun, Lee Woo-chan, Lee Sang-young and Kim Young-jun joined the team, and even Ko Woo-suk, who is aiming to advance to the Major League through posting, joined the team.헤라카지노

It was special because he was the first player to join the military among the members who won the championship in 29 years. Captain Oh Ji-hwan stepped forward to part ways with the winning member, and his teammates willingly joined him.

Lee Jung-yong posted a heartwarming photo on his SNS account and said, “Thanks to Ji-hwan’s consideration for sending me off to the club bus from afar, the players who contacted me from afar, and our (Im)Chan-gyu who drove me, I look forward to good news. Thank you for making me so special. Happy New Year in advance.”

An LG official said, “Lee Jung-yong is going to the Nonsan training center, and the players want to go together, but there are a lot of people, so we asked the club for a bus and gave it to him because it was a good meaning.”

This is a scene that demonstrates how strong LG’s teamwork was. The team broke up with a teammate who won the title through difficulties. Many people joined the team to make sure that LG would not feel lonely. LG drew attention from baseball fans with its unique one-team ceremony this season. When a home run was hit, the team not only gave high-fives but also threw round arms around each other’s shoulders at the dugout, stomping their feet as one in celebration. In Incheon, where the dugout is wide, even manager Yeom Kyung-yeop performed a home run ceremony with the coaching staff. When the team won the game, pitchers, catchers, and infielders gathered on the mound to put arms around each other’s shoulders and perform a winning ceremony in which players take steps forward.

The ceremony, where the tightness between the players was gathered, made the players more united, and the power became the driving force to overcome difficulties and win the championship.

The fact that he had 42 come-from-behind wins this season, and that he had a dramatic come-from-behind victory in Games 2 and 3 of the Korean Series, was by no means a coincidence, but the power of the one team as one. It can be said that such close fellowship was clearly revealed in Lee’s enlistment.

LG’s Lee Jung-yong holds a dance time with young fans at the 2023 Love Giving Festival with Championship held at the Seoul Peace Hall at Kyung Hee University’s Seoul campus on the 2nd. Photo courtesy of LG Twins

In an interview with reporters ahead of the Korean Series, Lee Jung-yong appeared a little depressed because he thought about joining the military, but he contributed to the victory by making dramatic saves in the 9th inning of Game 3 in the Korean Series, and has since spent happy days doing various events. On the 2nd, he attended the “2023 Love Giving Festival with Championship” held at Kyung Hee University’s Seoul Campus Peace Hall, and had a good time with his fans and comforted them.

Showing off a package of gifts from fans, he said, “I think I’m a very happy person to win and go. I’m enjoying it because I’m drunk on that feeling,” and added, “I’m thinking meaningfully about being able to say hello to my fans before I go. I was worried about what I would do if I couldn’t see you, but it was so nice to see you through such an event.”

Lee said he would improve from a starting pitcher in Sangmu. He switched to a starting pitcher in the middle of the season and recorded four wins and one loss with an ERA of 3.28 in 11 games in the second half of the season. “I’m very happy to start after experiencing that,” Lee said. “I want to start full-time next year without overdoing it in Sangmu. And I want to continue as a starting pitcher when I return to LG.”

Lee Jung-yong, who joined the military on June 18, 2025, will be discharged from the military on June 17, 2025. Chances are high that he will have to throw in the first division immediately upon his return. That is why it is important how he spends his time in Sangmu. His absence will be a negative factor for LG’s next season. However, Lee, who will return after a year and a half after development in Sangmu, will be a plus factor in the second half of 2025.

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