I’m sure you’ll do as much as you do, right? Bellingham’s performance → PL teams, pay attention to Bellingham… Liverpool + Chelsea + Arsenal scouts!

Several teams in the Premier League (PL) are interested in Jove Bellingham.

Sunderland lost 0-1 to Bristol City in the 22nd round of the 2023-24 season of the English Championship (Part 2) at Ashton Gate in Bristol, England, on the 17th (Korea time).랭크카지노

Ahead of the match, transfer market expert Ekrem Connor said on his SNS, “Scouts from Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal will watch Sunderland’s Jove Bellingham in Sunderland’s away match against Bristol.”

Jov Bellingham started the game on the bench and entered the ground in the 18th minute when he was replaced by Abdullach Barr. Sunderland were being dragged away by allowing a run in the first half, and Jov Bellingham tried to make a difference. However, they failed to create a significant scene, losing 0-1 to Bristol.

According to soccer statistics media Sopa Score, Jove Bellingham played 27 minutes, recording nine ball touches, 86 percent pass success rate (six success out of seven), one long ball, and one shot on goal. He received a 6.7 rating.

Jov Bellingham is currently playing in the second division of England for Sunderland. Despite his 18-year-old age, he is receiving many opportunities. He has scored four goals and one assist in 21 league games this season. Despite his young age, he has demonstrated his competitive edge. Jov Bellingham is a promising player in England as he played for all ages. Jov Bellingham also served as captain of the England team.

His aides highly praised him, saying that Jude Bellingham is a more versatile player than Jude Bellingham. Jude Bellingham is also a midfielder. He is 191 centimeters tall and is in the process of physically completing the game. He is highly intelligent in soccer, so he is good at making good decisions and scoring ability in the penalty box. Moreover, his body has freely used both feet as a weapon.

Jov Bellingham also introduced himself, saying, “I am good at finding space in the penalty box. With my skills, I can play in various positions and learn more, which will help my career.” Jude Bellingham, the older brother, went to Bundesliga and La Liga without going through the PL, but it is noteworthy that Jov Bellingham will be able to make his debut in the PL.

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