“Lee Jung-hoo will become an ML All-Star.” Even foreign pitchers who bombed the KBO exploded with “extreme praise.”

How do foreign players from the KBO League, who once faced off or joined as teammates, view Lee Jung-hoo (San Francisco Giants)’ advance to the Major League? It was all in unison with favorable reviews. Lee thought that Lee Jung-hoo would work well in the Major League.

At the San Francisco Giants joining ceremony held at Oracle Park in San Francisco, California, at 6 a.m. on the 16th (1 p.m. local time on the 15th), Lee Jung-hoo expressed his feelings, determination, and ambition. Lee Jung-hoo’s joining press conference was attended by San Francisco Giants President Farhan Zaidi, Scott Boras, Lee Jung-hoo’s agent, and an interpreter. In addition, Lee Jung-hoo’s father, former LG Twins coach Lee Jong-beom, and his mother Jeong Yeon-hee sat in the front row of the seats at the press conference site, sharing their joy.월카지노

What are Lee Jung-hoo’s chances of success in the Major League? Foreign players from the KBO who played in the past shouted “Lee Jung-hoo’s success.” The Athletic, a U.S. media outlet, published an article on Tuesday analyzing Lee Jung-hoo through Ryan Sadowski with the Lotte Giants, Josh Lindblom with the Doosan Bears, and Jake Brigham with the Kiwoom Heroes. All of them were talented foreigners who once bombed the KBO League.

Sadowski, who was a foreign scout after playing for Lotte in the past, compared Jose Pirella and Lee Jung-hoo, a foreign hitter who played for the Samsung Lions until the 2023 season. Sadowski said, “Pirella is a player who can hit to some extent in the Major League, and competed with Lee Jung-hoo for the MVP position of the 2022 season. Lee Jung-hoo should prove his ability to respond to faster arrests than the KBO league.”

Earlier, MLB.com , the official website of the Major League, also called Lee Jung-hoo an “above-average defensive center fielder,” and raised a question mark, which was whether he handled the ball quickly. MLB.com said, “Most KBO league pitchers cannot throw balls faster than 95 miles per hour. Before the 2023 season starts, Lee Jung-hoo worked hard to prepare for fastballs.” “If you look at Lee Jung-hoo’s skills, you will be able to adapt to the Major League faster than other Korean players,” Sadowski predicted.

He also believed that the popularity of Lee Jung-hoo, who played as a top star in Korea, would help the San Francisco Giants market. “Lee Jung-hoo will now appear on Korean TV every day,” Sadowski said, adding, “There must be a secondary reason behind this contract.”

I have a foreign colleague who has been with Lee Jung-hoo since he joined the Kiwoom Heroes. It is Jake Brigham. Brigham entered the Kiwoom Heroes of the KBO League in the 2017 season and played the ace role with a 50-26-1 hold average of 3.63 ERA in 114 games during the five seasons until the 2021 season. Lee Jung-hoo also joined the Kiwoom Heroes as the first pick of the 2017 season. “San Francisco and Lee Jung-hoo will fall in love,” Brigham said. “When I first went to Kiwoom, Lee Jung-hoo was in his debut season. I was lucky because I was able to watch Lee Jung-hoo, who was a high school player, grow further on and off the field.”

Brigham said, “To understand Korean baseball and players, you need to know Korean culture. The most important factor when you take a leadership role in a team is you. Regardless of your age, however, Lee always showed respect to your teammates. Lee has influenced his teammates on and off the field since he was 19 years old. “Lee Jung-hoo may need time to adapt. But Lee will do a great job. He will become an All-Star. “Lee Jung-hoo is a player with talent, drive and enthusiasm.”

Lee Jung-hoo and Brigham even revealed the story behind their passionate friendship over dinner in Korea. Brigham told an anecdote about eating out with Lee Jung-hoo and said, “When I met Lee Jung-hoo, I had to eat at a restaurant with separate rooms. I had to get off the car right in front of the main gate. Otherwise, many people gathered. I don’t want to use the word “God,” but Lee Jung-hoo was an icon in Korea. He was also a player who knew how to make fans happy at other events such as the All-Star game.” This meant that Lee Jung-hoo’s popularity was amazing in Korea.

Lindblom, who faced Lee Jung-hoo while playing for Lotte Giants and Doosan Bears, also praised Lee Jung-hoo. Lindblom said, “Lee Jung-hoo has had the best batting skills in the KBO League since he was 18 years old. It was very impressive. He never lost his balance at bat despite his young age. He tried to shake Lee Jung-hoo’s timing when he faced off in person, but it was not easy. He got a lot of hits, and it was really hard to strike out. Lee Jung-hoo was not afraid to throw a bat even when he was concentrated on two strikes. Lee Jung-hoo is a style similar to Ichiro Suzuki.” Lindblom spent five seasons in the KBO League. From 2015 to 2017, he pitched for Lotte, and Doosan, respectively, in the 2018 and 2019 seasons. Against Lindblom, Lee posted a batting average of 0.241 (7 hits in 29 at-bats), a double, one homer, five RBIs, five runs, three walks, one body hit, two strikeouts, an on-base percentage of 0.333, and a slugging percentage of 0.379.

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