“Kim Kwang-hyun hasn’t received it for 16 years either.” It’s been wiped out for 13 years except for Choi Jeong, and it’s sad that the dynasty’s days are overshadowed

No winners this year. No winners in 13 years, except for one.

SSG Landers did not win a single award at the KBO Golden Glove Awards on 11 November. This year’s Golden Globes were won by the reigning champions, the LG Twins, with three winners, the NC Dinos with three winners, and the Doosan Bears, Kiwoom Heroes, and Hanwha Eagles with one winner each.헤라카지노

SSG is one of the teams that hasn’t had much luck with the Golden Gloves. Of course, there is one player who stands out. This is Choi Jung, a legendary third baseman. Choi has won a whopping eight Golden Gloves.

He won his first Golden Glove as a third baseman in 2011, and has since gone on to win eight more in the same position from 2011-2013, 2016-2017, 2019, and 2021-2022. Choi is tied with Yang Ji (Doosan) for the most Golden Gloves by an active player.

Choi failed to win the award this year, as Yang Ji rewrote the record books with his ninth win, while junior Noh Shi-hwan (Hanwha) won the Golden Glove for third base for the first time since his debut.

However, Choi hasn’t won a Golden Glove in the past 13 years. Kim Kang-min, who won the outfield award in 2010, was the last player other than Choi to do so. Despite winning the 2018 and 2022 Korean Series titles, there were no Golden Glove winners. Even Choi didn’t win in 2018, and last year he was the only winner.

Kim Kwang-hyun, the team’s iconic pitcher and “national ace,” is no stranger to the Golden Glove. He won his first Golden Glove in 2008, his second year as a professional, when he won two titles and the league MVP. He hasn’t won a Golden Glove since. There was a hiatus in his major league career, and since 2014, the Golden Glove for pitchers has been dominated by foreigners (with the exception of Yang Hyun-jong in 2017 and Ahn Woo-jin in 2022).

In fact, the number of Golden Glove winners is not the only measure of a good team. SSG won the team title last year without a single individual title. There was a sense of pride in doing it as a ‘one-man team’ with no standouts.

But the Golden Gloves, which are only awarded to the best players at each position, are an honour for the individual player and the team. It is also a testament to the fact that the team has produced some of the best players in the league. It’s not about Choi Jung-jeong and Kim Kwang-hyun, it’s a whipping boy for new players. If it’s not overwhelming performance, there are other ways to capture voters with ‘star power’.

A Golden Glove winner, not Choi Jeong. This will be an important task for the Rangers, who need a new sign.

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