Jang Seul-ki’s ‘surprise’ move to KHNP… “Challenger’s position, not to be eliminated”

South Korea women’s national soccer team ‘all-rounder’ Jang Seul-ki is leaving her hometown team Incheon Hyundai Steel in the WK League to join Gyeongju Hansuwon from the 2024 season. “I felt like I needed to make a change,” said Jang, who announced the move in a “surprise” move after parting ways with Hyundai after more than eight years with the team.월카지노

Jang Seul-ki is an indispensable resource in women’s soccer. With 13 goals in 99 A matches under the Korean flag since 2013, she is a utility player who can play as a defender, midfielder, or forward. In the professional ranks, he made his debut with Kobe Ainak in Japan in 2015 before breaking into the domestic scene through the WK League Rookie Draft in 2017. In 2020, he moved to Madrid CFF in Spain and returned to Hyundai Steel after half a year to help them win the title of ‘absolute powerhouse’.

Then he decided to make a change. “Everyone was surprised, even the people around me,” Jang said with a smile, “I won a lot of championships at Hyundai Steel, and there were many twists and turns. It’s true that I have a sense of stability because I have always competed in the same position. However, I wanted to be in the position of a challenger so that I wouldn’t be left behind. At a time when I felt like I needed to make a change, Han Soo-won and my needs matched, so I made the transfer.”

He had a lot to think about. Jang Seul-ki says, “I really thought about it a lot. It took me a long time to decide, and it was hard, especially because I had to make an important decision before an important match.” “Incheon is also where I was born and where my parents are. My parents were my biggest concern. But my family always respected my decisions, whether it was in Japan or Spain. They believed in me and said, ‘It’s your life,’ which gave me courage.”

Around the time of the WK League championship game, his teammates realized that Jang had made the move. “Actually, the players knew to some extent. But they said they didn’t really think he would leave. Many people around me were surprised to hear the news,” he recalls.

Jang’s departure is a breath of fresh air for the WK League. Hyundai Steel is the reigning champion, having won 11 consecutive titles. They still have a lot of national team talent, but like Suwon FC, who added Ji So-yeon last year, it’s a big boost for a team that has done well in the past few years.

“It’s a game changer,” said Hansuwon coach Song Ju-hee. We needed a new type of player in the planning process for next season, and we thought it would be a turning point for the team,” Song said, adding that he was excited about Jang’s arrival, “especially since we could fall into a rut.”

“The coach doesn’t try to put pressure on me. “I don’t know if it will help the team, but I think there are many players who can improve if they approach it with a good mindset. I hope I can help the team grow by helping the younger players.”

The physical distance has increased. It takes more than four hours to drive between Incheon and Gyeongju. “I drove for four hours straight,” said Jang Seul-ki, “but I think this will be an experience that will help me in life. I don’t know what kind of life will unfold in the future, and I think it will give me the foundation to be flexible when such situations arise,” he smiled.

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