Drama-like ‘Winning Great Victory’…Coach Chung Jung-yong recovered his crumpled self-esteem

Gimcheon Sports Complex on the 26th. After finishing the final match of the K League 2 season with a 1-0 victory over Seoul Eland, the eyes of the Gimcheon Commerce players and fans turned to the electronic board. It was a video of the match between Busan I-Park and Cheongju, Chungbuk, which had not yet ended. The remaining scenario for Gimcheon to win the title was Busan’s failure to win against Seoul Eland. Busan led 1-0 going into extra time.

Then, four minutes into the second half, the news broke that Cheongju had scored a dramatic equalizer. At the same time, cheers erupted everywhere. The players held their breath as they watched the rest of the game, and when Busan’s draw was confirmed, the Gimcheon players and fans cheered once again. It was a dramatic upset win.레모나토토

Coach Jung Jung-yong (54), who was on the field with his team, had a big smile on his face. After sharing his joy with his staff, he embraced his players, including Lee Yoo-hyun, and smiled broadly. It was a dramatic K League 2 championship in his first five months as head coach and a direct promotion to K League 1 the following season.

It was a moment of great significance not only for Gimcheon’s victory and promotion, but also for Jung Jung-yong himself. It was a moment that restored his pride, which had been tarnished since the beginning of his career as a professional team manager. Coincidentally, Gimcheon’s opponent on the day was Seoul Land, Chung’s hometown team and a team that had bruised his pride.

Chung Jeong-yong gets a rinse from his players at the homecoming ceremony after leading his team to a runner-up finish at the 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup. Photo: Korea Football Association

Previously, Chung had led the national teams in each age group. In 2019, he led the U-20 national team to a runner-up finish at the 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup. It was at the tournament that Lee won the U-20 World Cup Golden Ball. After leading the team to the World Cup final, there was a lot of interest and anticipation for Jung’s next step.

After being approached by several professional teams, Chung chose Seoul Eland, a team that had finished at the bottom of the second division for two years in a row. However, the team was unable to produce results. When he took over, he vowed to deliver results within three years, but the team finished fifth, ninth, and seventh in three seasons. “I tried my best to win promotion, but I am very sorry to disappoint you with unsatisfactory results,” he said last year. Chung’s first professional career was a virtual failure.

After a stint in the wilderness, Chung was offered a job by Gimcheon and returned to the K League after half a year. Failure to deliver this time could have been fatal to his career, and he immediately focused on motivating his players. He emphasized a professional and military mentality in every game, not a team that was just passing through for military service. He also emphasized offensive soccer. Gimcheon’s scoring increased significantly from 1.46 goals per game to 2.17 goals per game before and after Chung’s arrival.

Gimcheon, who were sixth in the table before Chung’s arrival, jumped to the top of the table just over a month after his arrival and stayed there for over a month. They lost the lead in September after Busan fought back, but they continued to fight for the title until the end. This never-say-die mentality eventually led to Gimcheon’s K League 2 title and promotion. Chung has finally found success in the professional ranks.

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