“Selecting the leader” is an urgent priority? SSG, there’s a separate ‘top priority’…Take a look at the ‘outside of the skin’

What’s the most important thing for SSG right now? It might be finding a vacant leadership position. There’s more to it than that. It’s time to look inward.

Right now, SSG is in a state of chaos. It’s been a mess for a month. Suddenly, the previous coach was fired and the coaching staff was changed. Son Si-heon, the new head coach of the Futures team, and Lee Sung-yong, the head coach of the first team. There was quite a bit of noise in the process.굿모닝토토 주소

Then, 23-year member Kim Kang-min was forced to leave the team. It was assumed that he would ‘naturally’ retire from SSG, undergo coaching training, and return as a coach. It’s not an exaggeration to say that everyone thought so.

The criticism was fierce. The aftermath was devastating, and Kim Sung-yong was demoted. He was moved to the head of the R&D center. This is the position he held before he was promoted to director. So it’s true that ‘suspicion’ continues to be raised.

Aside from the fans, the players are the ones who must have been hurt the most. It’s been about a month since the season ended on October 25 with a loss in the third round of the semi-playoffs, and too much has happened in that time.

When SSG terminated head coach Kim Won-hyung’s contract on Oct. 31, they announced their direction. It’s “development. A veteran-centric situation. The team vowed to create a “generation change” by developing younger players.

It is a necessary part. The problem is that the whole process was too ‘rushed’. He didn’t take a scalpel to the players directly from the start. Instead, they changed the coaching staff. Players can’t help but feel uneasy with a change of leadership. Especially veterans.

Afterward, there was talk that the team had cut a number of veterans from the 35-man protected list for the second round of the draft. In fact, Choi Joo-hwan was picked by Kiwoom and left, and Kim Kang-min wore a Hanwha uniform. The shockwaves were well and truly felt.

Just a year ago, everything was good. The regular season was won wire-to-wire (staying in first place from the opening day to the last). They were on top of the Korean Series. Everything was perfect, from the owner’s fiery investment to the fans’ enthusiasm.

In one year, everything has changed. The players’ joy quickly turned to anxiety. It wasn’t a second straight loss, but they still finished in third place. Not a bad result.

But then the club made a drastic change. They didn’t keep Kim Kang-min. It’s no exaggeration to say that it sent a signal to the entire squad that they could be released at any time according to the policy. Even if that wasn’t SSG’s intention, that’s what happened.

The players’ reactions were immediate: Kim Kwang-hyun, the team’s iconic pitcher, left a bitter comment, as did Han Yoo-seom. Park Sung-sung also posted a picture of Kim Kang-min with the words, “I won’t forget.”

The players said, “You can’t ignore 23 years,” and asked, “Is this right?” While it can be seen as an expression of regret over Kim Kang-min’s departure, it can also be read as a backlash against the club.

At this point, the SSG needs to move quickly to appoint a new head coach. It is also true that the position of head coach cannot be left vacant.

You might be thinking that this is a bit of a “race to the bottom”. But what SSG really needs to do now is to look inward and mend the hearts and minds of the players. The cow is lost. Let’s not lose the barn.

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