‘A famous family doesn’t fall down easily’ Suwon wins 4 games in ‘Super Match’ against Seoul…We have a final match against Gangwon

Suwon showed a strong will to survive with a 1-0 victory over FC Seoul in the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 Round 37 “Super Match” at Sangam World Cup Stadium in Seoul on Friday.

Suwon is currently on the brink of its first relegation in history. The biggest hurdle was against Seoul, and a loss would mean relegation, but the team’s determination was strong and they managed to keep their chances of staying up alive with a hard-fought victory.

Suwon Samsung, the ‘masters of tradition’, did not go down easily. Photo courtesy of the Korean Football Association
At the time of the Suwon-Seoul match, Gangwon FC was leading Suwon FC in a match played at the same time. If Suwon had lost, they would have been relegated regardless of the final result. But when Bassani scored the winning goal, Suwon celebrated.

In the 64th minute, Bassani beat goalkeeper Baek Jong-beom with a left-footed mid-range shot after a nice dribble. Baek Jong-bum had made some good saves throughout the match, but Bassani’s sharp shot found the corner of the goal where it was hard to stop.

Suwon managed to keep their hopes alive by saving Bassani’s precious goal and eventually beating Seoul. It was also their third win in four “supermatches” this year, making the victory all the more precious as it came against a relegation threat.

For Seoul, the result is irrelevant to their chances of staying up, but it was a stinging defeat. They suffered their first ‘supermatch’ loss of the season in front of 36,077 fans at Anbang.

Seoul has now drawn 439,000 fans in 19 home games this season, the first single-season attendance in the K League since 2018 when paid attendance was officially tracked.

FC Seoul drew 439,000 fans in 19 home matches this season, the first single-season attendance in the K League since 2018 to exceed 400,000 since the official count of paid attendance began. Photo courtesy of the Korea Professional Football Association
The average attendance of 22,633 is also the highest single-season attendance in Korean professional sports, surpassing the Lotte Giants (21,901) in 2008. While Seoul became the most popular club in the history of Korean professional sports, it wasn’t all smiles.

With Suwon’s victory, the race to stay in the K League One hinged on the outcome of the final match. Suwon will host Gangwon in a guillotine match, while Suwon FC will host Jeju United.

Currently, Gangwon is in 10th place with 33 points, while Suwon FC is tied with Suwon in 11th place with 32 points but with a 43-35 goal difference. If Suwon loses to Gangwon, they will be relegated regardless of the outcome of the other matches. However, if they draw or lose, the results against Suwon FC and Jeju will be crucial.

At this point, Suwon needs to give it their all against Gangwon if they want to survive. With a second chance, there’s no doubt about the players’ determination. Of course, Gangwon is also highly motivated, so the matchup between the two teams is expected to be heated enough to make you forget about the cold.

The 10th and 11th places in the K League 1 are decided through a relegation playoff. 12th place is relegated. The fate of Suwon, Gangwon, and Suwon FC will be decided on Dec. 2, when their final matches take place.

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