“Two Homework” given by owner Jung Yong-jin, Lee Soo-yong’s answer is “harmony and communication.”

On the 20th of this month, a day before his inauguration, SSG Landers’ new head coach Lee Seung-yong met with Jung Yong-jin, who has always been very interested in the baseball team and is actively investing in it.

“I heard that he knew a lot about baseball, but when I met him in person, he was more interested than that,” said Lee. “He gave me a difficult homework assignment. He asked me to combine grades and training,” he said, revealing some of the stories he shared with the owner.굿모닝토토 주소

Generational change is one of the key reasons SSG parted ways with former coach Kim Won-hyung, who led them to the title last season.

The slow development of younger players and the fact that the roster was dominated by players in their 30s made SSG realize the need for a generational change after the 2023 season. So they handed the reins over to Lee, who previously served as head coach and head of development at KT Wiz.

Lee’s keywords for both performance and development are ‘unity and communication’. He promised to put down his authority and communicate with the coaching staff, players, and front office.

“As long as it’s about baseball, no matter what part of the organization, I’m going to listen,” he said. He even offered to have a “mess discussion” with the club first.

Unity and communication are also keywords in the composition of the coaching staff. “We are thinking of a head coach who is a pitcher (because of the lack of pitching experience). For the pitching part, I’m going to trust the coaches. I will only convey the big picture to the pitchers and always discuss the operational part.”

To achieve significant results in development, it is essential to form an organic relationship with the second team. Lee said, “I spoke with Son Si-heon, the second team coach. He said, “No matter how good a player is in the second team, the first and second teams are different. We want to give them as much first-team experience as possible. We will actively use hardworking, desperate players and recommended players.”

By actively using players who excelled in the second team to play in the first team, Lee hopes to motivate younger players and ultimately increase their competitiveness, leading to a natural generation change.

“It’s important to build a foundation first. “We have veteran players, and we need to create a level of competitiveness for the younger players to rise above them. If the younger guys grow up, I think the team can stay at the top. We will communicate a lot to bring out the best in them.”

It will also be interesting to see what Stovrig can do to bolster the squad. The free-agent market opens on the 19th, followed by the second draft on the 22nd.

“We’re talking to the front office. We will always communicate, respect, and collaborate in the division of roles between the front office and the field. The front office’s role is more important than the manager’s in strengthening the team. I plan to organize the team according to the front office’s plan.”

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