‘Worst injury of his career’ Neymar undergoes successful surgery…expected to be out up to a year

“Neymar underwent surgery in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and will now begin the long road to recovery,” Spain’s As reported on Wednesday. At this point, he may miss the rest of the season and next summer’s Copa America.”

The Associated Press also reported, “Neymar’s surgery was performed by Rodrigo Lasmar, the Brazilian national team doctor. His recovery is expected to take six to 12 months. He is likely to miss the Copa America in June.”

Neymar posted a post-operative photo on his personal social media account and wrote: “Everything went well. Thank you for the messages. I will now focus on my recovery,” signaling his determination to return to action.

Neymar suffered the injury on March 18. Neymar started the fourth round of FIFA 2026 South American qualifying against Uruguay at the Estadio Centenario in Montevideo, Uruguay.

In first-half stoppage time, after Darwin Núñez had given Uruguay the lead, Neymar complained of extreme pain after going down in a tussle with De la Cruz. It wasn’t a big contact, but Neymar twisted his leg slightly. Neymar went down clutching his left leg and called for the medical team. The medical staff rushed in and tended to Neymar, but he was unable to continue playing.토토사이트

Neymar was eventually taken off the field on a stretcher. Neymar had tears streaming down his face as he left the field. Fears were raised that the injury was serious, and it was.

A day after Neymar’s injury, the Brazilian national team announced on their official website, “Neymar underwent an MRI and imaging scan on the 18th, which confirmed a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus in his left knee. Neymar will undergo surgery to repair the injury.”

Neymar was also frustrated, tweeting on his personal social media, “This is the saddest and worst moment. I know I’m strong, but this time I need my family and friends more. Injuries and surgeries are not easy. Imagine going through it again after four months of recovery. Thank you all for your messages of support and affection,” he said sadly.

The meniscus is the half-moon-shaped cartilage between the upper and lower knee joints. The anterior cruciate ligament provides stability for knee rotation and prevents the knee from popping out. A major injury to either of these areas can be very disruptive to an athlete”s life.

In Neymar’s case, he tore both, and it’s hard to say how long he’ll be out of action. An injury of this magnitude is not just about recovery. They’re serious enough that you have to consider whether you’ll ever play again. For Neymar, surgery was the only option.

Neymar took some time off after the injury to prepare for the surgery. “Neymar, who tore his anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus, arrived in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, on Wednesday to undergo surgery and will be operated on Thursday in Minas Gerais by Lasmar, the Brazilian national team and Atletico Mineiro doctor,” Brazil’s Globo reported.

“Neymar’s club, Al Hilal, wanted to have the surgery performed in Paris, but Neymar once again wanted to have it done by Rasmar. Lasmar is the same surgeon who operated on his fractured right foot in 2018 and his ankle ligaments in March this year.”

“Upon arrival in Belo Horizonte, Neymar headed straight to the same Mater Dei Hospital where he underwent surgery five years ago. The expected recovery time is around 10 months. This is his second serious injury of 2023.”

Most athletes who suffer a meniscus or anterior cruciate ligament tear don’t perform as well as they once did. Fernando Torres is a prime example of a player who hasn’t been the same since his meniscus injury. Torres’ career took a dramatic turn for the worse after his ACL injury.

Radamel Falcao is another player who hasn’t been able to return to his prime due to a cruciate ligament injury. Falcao was considered one of the best strikers on the planet when he joined AS Monaco, but after his ACL injury, he bounced around from team to team and never regained his form.

Neymar is another example of a player who has already fallen from grace due to frequent injuries throughout his career. Even if the surgery and rehabilitation go well, there’s a good chance he won’t be able to dribble as spectacularly as he once did. This injury is devastating. Even if the surgery goes well, the recovery is a concern.

It”s safe to say that Neymar”s career has been ruined by injuries. After leaving Barcelona for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Neymar failed to close the gap between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Expectations that he would succeed Menaldo also failed to materialize.

Neymar has now played five games for Al Hilal, and the prospect of an extended absence has created an emergency for the club. Including his salary and other bonuses, Neymar is due $400 million from Al Hilal by 2025, so missing even one game would be a huge loss for the club.

Neymar’s injury is also bad news for the Brazilian national team. Even if Neymar is past his prime, he was still Brazil’s ace. Even at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Brazil was a different team with or without Neymar. For the time being, Brazil will have to prepare for the tournament without him. Especially in the Copa America, the absence of Neymar could prove fatal.

On the other hand, ‘Arse’ had some different news. Neymar invited his friends to a party before his surgery. “The party was held at Neymar’s mansion in Mangaratiba, near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. According to a person who was invited to the party, the injury didn’t seem to get Neymar down too much.”

According to the source who spoke to ‘As’, the security staff at Neymar’s mansion confiscated all of the partygoers’ cell phones. This was likely done to prevent any leaks to the media about the status of Neymar’s injury.

“Neymar was dancing like a maniac, he may have broken his leg on the field, but on the dance floor he was dancing like crazy,” a partygoer was quoted as saying. If this is true, then there’s a chance that Neymar could be on his way back from surgery after suffering cruciate ligament and meniscus injuries. We can’t wait to see Neymar’s genius in action again.

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