“We have to fight like dogs” Another ‘fighter’ who appeared at Manchester United

Manchester United is having difficulty standing up this season. They have 7 wins and 8 losses in 15 games in all competitions, with more losses than wins. In the English Premier League (EPL), they remain in 8th place (15 points), and in the UEFA Champions League (UCL), after losing to Bayern Munich and Galatasaray in succession, they saved face with a 1-0 win over Copenhagen. .토토사이트

They were also eliminated from the English Carabao Cup (League Cup), which they won last season. On the 2nd (Korean time), Manchester United suffered a 0-3 defeat despite inviting Newcastle United home. Following the league match against Manchester City, Manchester United suffered a two-consecutive three-point loss, rewriting dishonorable records such as two consecutive losses by more than three points for the first time in 61 years and five losses in 10 home games for the first time in 93 years.

Rumors of discord between coach Eric Tenhag and the players also surfaced. Local media reported that many players are questioning Ten Haag’s heavy-handed approach to dealing with Jadon Sancho and Harry Maguire. Sancho has not been in the first team since he publicly attacked the coach on social media in early September, and Maguire returned the captain’s armband this summer after being eliminated from the competition for the starting position last season.

Eric Tenhag, Manchester United manager. Getty Images Korea

First of all, Coach Ten Haag pledged to maintain the team atmosphere well. At the press conference after the game against Newcastle, he said, “If there are no results, doubts naturally arise. But I believe I can do it. I am fighting as a fighter,” and expressed his determination to share his fighting spirit with the players.

McTominay also said that the players must overcome the crisis together. In an interview with the club’s own channel, he said, “Our fans pay their hard-earned money every week to watch us. The least we can do is to play well and win,” and emphasized that we must shake off the slump and achieve victory for the fans. .

“We have to forget about all the people who don’t care about us, who write stupid things in the press and try to divide the squad. That doesn’t matter to us now. Everyone has to come together. Next game we have to fight like dogs.” He said, “The only goal is to focus on the game, attack the opponent, and win.”

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