‘Daejeon Hana Citizen’ remaining in Part 1… “Make Thiago the top scorer”

 This is Hyunsoo Kim from ‘News Plus’.

Professional soccer team ‘Daejeon Hana Citizen’ continues their undefeated streak for 6 consecutive games.

On the 22nd, they drew in the home game against Suwon FC, confirming their stay in the first division.

We also achieved a dramatic tie in yesterday’s away game against Suwon Samsung.

‘Suwon Samsung’ is currently in last place in the first division.

Since yesterday’s game was an important starting point for escaping from last place, it was a game in which Suwon Samsung desperately needed a win.

In the early part of the game, Suwon Samsung took the lead by scoring two goals.

Kim Joo-chan opened the scoring first in the 21st minute of the first half, and 9 minutes later, Acosti scored the second goal with a header.

On the other hand, Daejeon, which was decided to remain in the first division, excluded key players from the starting lineup and gave opportunities to players who had not played much in the game.

However, in the 27th minute of the first half, as the team was struggling, Lee Seon-yu and Lee Dong-won were brought in, and main players Kim In-gyun and Masa were brought in.

In the 36th minute of the second half, Thiago struck Suwon Samsung’s net first.

Daejeon did not give up until the end, and during extra time in the second half, Massa scored the ultimate goal 3 minutes before the end of the game.

Thiago received a lot of attention in yesterday’s game.

This is because he scored his 16th goal of the season yesterday and rose to the top scorer in the first division.

Ulsan’s Joo Min-gyu is following closely behind with 15 goals.

Coach Lee Min-seong’s goal is to give Thiago as many opportunities as possible in the remaining games to make him this year’s top scorer.

[Tiago/Daejeon Hana Citizen player/Last 22nd/YouTube Hana TV: “The goal is to score 20 goals.”]

[Lee Min-seong/Daejeon Hana Citizen coach/Last 22nd/YouTube Hana TV: “The goal is to make Thiago the top scorer. This is something that teammates must do as a team, and we can make Leandro the king of assists as well…”]

Yesterday, October 29th, was a special day for ‘Daejeon Hana Citizen’.

This is because it was the day that Daejeon, which was in the second division a year ago, defeated ‘Gimcheon Sangmu’ and confirmed its promotion to the first division.

Immediately after yesterday’s game, fans commented on social media, “A year ago today, we were promoted to the first division,” “I feel that emotion again today,” “I drew, but I feel like I won,” and “I’m going to go away after this taste.” He also expressed his joy.

After being promoted to the 1st division, ‘Daejeon Hana Citizen’ showed excellent performance and was called ‘a sensation’ at the beginning of this season.

At one point, we even rose to 2nd or 3rd place in the league.

However, they suffered a slump after mid-season and finished the regular season in 8th place.

However, it is evaluated that the potential shown by Daejeon this year is great.

[Choi Dong-ho/Sports Critic: “I think Daejeon Hana Citizen was successful this season. They were promoted to the first division, so if their performance this year is this good, they can be considered good. And they showed enough offensive power to be successful in the first division. . If we just add a little more defense, I think we can aim for Final A (top 6 teams) next year by going one level higher.”] Coach Lee Min-seong said, “The players will play aggressively without pressure, so the fans will enjoy it

. “I hope I can play the soccer I can,” he said, expressing his determination for the remaining games.토스카지노

Daejeon has three games left.

Next month there will be a home game against Gangwon on the 11th, an away game against Jeju on the 25th, and the final home game against Seoul on December 2nd.

Now that we are wrapping up one season and preparing for next year, what other possibilities can ‘Daejeon Hana Citizen’ show?

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