‘Former game supervisor’ Director Choi Yun-gyeom’s eyes, “According to the regulations and precedent, Pohang made the wrong number and name.”

Chungbuk Cheongju FC coach Choi Yoon-gyeom carefully expressed his opinion from the perspective of his past experience as a match supervisor regarding the substitution mistake that occurred in the game between Jeonbuk Hyundai and Pohang Steelers.

Coach Choi, who worked as a match supervisor for the Korea Professional Football League before taking over as head coach of Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province, met with reporters on the 28th before the Hana One Q K-League 2 2023 37th round match against Jeonnam Dragons held at Gwangyang Soccer Stadium at 1:30 pm on the 29th. I was asked a question about the substitute player incident that occurred in the match between Jeonbuk and Pohang in the 35th round of Hana One Q K League 1 2023 at Jeonju World Cup Stadium.

In this game, the second referee was unable to catch Pohang’s player substitution mistake, resulting in a 12-11 game in the official record for a short period of time. Coach Choi was also confused for a while before the Chungnam Asan game on October 14th when he was unexpectedly informed that Peter would not be able to play in the game due to accumulated warnings. At this time, when each team is reacting more sensitively as it is the end of the season when results are decided, the mistakes of the game organizers are being repeated.

Regarding this phenomenon, Coach Choi said, “There are regulations. And there are precedents,” and “Both Pohang and Jeonbuk may be feeling regret depending on their situation. The same goes for refereeing issues. However, there is no special treatment for one team.” “If we follow the regulations and precedents, there will be no problems. That way, there will be no noise,” he said.

He said, “Looking at this incident alone, I think Pohang’s mistake may have contributed a lot,” and added, “First of all, they used the wrong replacement member. Usually, the managers who help with replacement do not have much experience, so the coach checks once. “It is common for the manager to make the final check. After checking two or three times, a replacement is made, but at this time, Pohang was probably in a bit of trouble due to the injury (Kim Yong-hwan),” he said.

Coach Choi said, “There is no provision mandating that the match director must check the replacement. Also, Pohang entered the wrong number and name anyway. I wish I had checked it one more time.”토스카지노

Meanwhile, the Korea Professional Football League is expected to understand the situation and make a decision after receiving reports from the game supervisor, including reports from Jeonbuk and Pohang. First of all, according to the regulations, if an ineligible player plays a game, up to a forfeit can be awarded if the opposing team raises an objection within 48 hours after the game. This can be said to be a huge negative news for Pohang, which is going through a difficult time recently due to a series of injuries to key players.

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