Yankees general manager, who gave up his convictions, leaves the team as a hitting coach, saying, “I have two daughters at home.”

Sean Casey (49) will not return as the New York Yankees hitting coach next season. According to Yahoo Sports in the U.S. on the 28th (Korean time), Casey spoke about this in his recent podcast. “For family reasons, I informed Yankees manager Aaron Boone of my decision before a formal offer was made,” he said.

“I told (Coach Boone) I wouldn’t be able to come back next year,” Casey said. “I have two daughters at home, ages 13 and 17. I got divorced a few years ago, so I spend 50 percent of my time with them. The kids are in Pittsburgh.” “I can’t imagine being away from New York for about eight months while I was there,” he explained the situation. This means that I am leaving the team to spend more time with my family.

Casey was appointed as the Yankees hitting coach last July. At the time, the Yankees’ team batting average in the first half was 0.213, ranking only 28th out of 30 big league teams. After firing hitting coach Dylan Lawson, Casey was given the position, which attracted even more attention because it was the result of general manager Brian Cashman giving up his convictions. Yahoo Sports also revealed, ‘This is the first time Yankees general manager Cashman has fired a coach during the season in his 26-year career.’ “It is well known that we have been reluctant to change coaching staff during past seasons,” said General Manager Cashman in a statement. “I believe that success and failure are joint efforts. But ultimately, I felt that change was necessary,’ he explained the reason for Coach Lawson’s firing.

Casey, who debuted in the big leagues in 1997, has 1,405 games played, a batting average of 0.302 (1,531 hits in 5,066 at-bats), 130 home runs and 735 RBIs over a 12-year period. He was selected as a National League (NL) All-Star in 1999, 2001, and 2004. He had a batting average of .332 with 25 home runs and 99 RBIs, which he set in 1999 as career highs. That year, he was ranked 14th in NL Most Valuable Player (MVP) voting.짱구카지노

Coach Boone worked together with the Cincinnati Reds from 1998 to 2003. In 2008, the final season of his career, he also played for the Yankees’ rival team, the Boston Red Sox. Even after Casey took over as hitting coach, the Yankees’ batting lineup showed no clear signs of recovery. There was a lot of attention on whether to renew his contract, but he made his decision before the club was notified.

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