ML master with 2,183 wins, manager Baker retires at age 74

Dusty Baker (74, photo), manager of Houston, Major League Baseball (MLB), is laying down the baton. The Houston team announced on the 26th, “We will hold a press conference for Coach Baker’s retirement at our home stadium on the 27th.”

Coach Baker, who first took the helm in San Francisco in 1993, announced his retirement in 2017, stepping down from his position as head coach in Washington. Then, in 2019, he returned to the director’s chair by playing ‘SOS’ in Houston, where the team atmosphere was in turmoil due to the ‘sign-stealing scandal’. Coach Baker is a ‘good man’ who is considered the most respected leader by Choo Shin-soo (41, SSG), who worked together in Cincinnati. He also had a goal of winning the World Series, something he had never experienced as a manager.

Manager Baker won the championship trophy with Houston last year, becoming the oldest manager in MLB history to experience his first World Series championship. However, he was unable to achieve a second straight win this year as he failed to cross the American League Championship Series threshold. Coach Baker said, “Actually, he had been planning to retire since last year’s championship, but he brought it up in advance and he didn’t want to ruin the team atmosphere.” Coach Baker puts down the baton with a total of 2,183 wins (7th all-time).굿모닝토토 주소

Manager Baker made the high-five popular with his teammate Glenn Burke (1952-1995), a former Los Angeles Dodgers player, in 1977. Coach Baker plans to continue his activities as an advisor to the Houston team even after his retirement.

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