Crisis of 12 point reduction → Demotion virtually confirmed… First time in PL history, deficit of 500 billion won

Everton is in danger of being reduced by 12 points.

The British Telegraph reported on the 25th (Korean time), “The Premier League (PL) recommended a 12-point deduction to Everton for violating revenue and sustainability rules. Everton lost the fight against PL’s alleged violation of financial regulations.” “If we do so, we face the threat of major sanctions. This decision is scheduled to be made at the end of this year,” the report said.

Currently, the PL Secretariat is implementing the league’s own financial regulations. Unlike the financial fair play implemented by UEFA, the PL’s financial regulations are very simple. The loss over three years must not exceed 105 million pounds (about 172.5 billion won).

Each club is trying to protect this. The reason why Wolverhampton tried to earn transfer fees by selling key players ahead of this season was to comply with the PL’s financial regulations.

All clubs strive to adhere to financial regulations, but Everton was a team that completely ignored financial regulations when looking at the results alone. The club’s loss over the past three years was a whopping 304 million pounds (about 499.5 billion won). This is a huge amount, about three times the regulatory limit of 105 million pounds.

The PL secretariat is considering imposing a severe penalty of point deduction on Everton, which has seriously violated financial regulation limits. Everton expected disciplinary action such as fines and transfer market bans, but the PL secretariat plans to make an example of Everton and properly punish it. There has never been a history of points being reduced due to the PL’s financial regulations implemented since 2013.

Regarding this, the ‘Telegraph’ said, “This is the first time the points have been cut in the top league in England. This is likely to cause panic among rival clubs. These sanctions have led to the recent continuous fight against relegation, and even now the point gap is 3 points from the relegation zone. “It will push Everton, who only have a point, into the danger of relegation,” he analyzed.짱구카지노

Currently, Everton has 7 points as of the 9th round. Based on the trend shown so far, the starting point at the end of the season is around 30 points. Luton Town, Burnley, Bournemouth and Sheffield United have fewer points than Everton, but if 12 points are cut, it is very likely that Everton will be relegated.

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