Is he not throwing or can’t throw?

NC, worried about not being able to pitch on Pedi… Other clubs also have a foreign pitcher dilemma

: “I think I’ve become a liar. sorry.”

NC coach Kang In-kwon, who won both the first and second games of the professional baseball semi-playoffs, said this at an official press conference after the second game on the 23rd. This is because he announced before the game that he would send out ‘ace’ Eric Peddy (30) as the starter for Game 3 on the 25th, but then corrected his statement to Tanner Turley (29). Peddie, who won three gold medals in the pitcher category in the Korean Professional Baseball League this season, suffered a bruise after being hit in the arm by a batted ball in the KIA game on the 16th, his last appearance in the regular season, and has not been able to play since. Coach Kang said that 9 days had passed and he had recovered to some extent, and he announced that he would be the starter for the 3rd game, but it was canceled. This is said to be because Peddie himself said, “I’m still anxious.” Coach Kang said, “I will monitor the condition further and decide whether to select him for the 4th game,” and added, “Your opinion is important,” but his frustration was evident.

The diagnosis that Peddie received during his hospital examination on the 23rd was mild ‘simple elbow impingement syndrome.’ The general opinion is that he is not at a level that significantly hinders his pitching. There is quite a bit of speculation in the baseball world that Peddie is saving himself. Since he has already received attention from American and Japanese clubs due to his outstanding performance in Korea, he is of the opinion that it will be a disaster if he overdoes it this fall and his contract for next year is hindered. In fact, it is said that a prestigious Japanese club is actively seeking to recruit him.

This foreign player injury dilemma is not unique to NC. SSG, which is in a semi-playoff clash with NC, also has one of its starting pitchers, Kirk McCarty (28), who served as an ace in the regular season, not appearing after suffering an internal oblique injury at the end of last month. He has recovered enough to pitch briefly for about 1-2 innings, so manager Won-Hyung Kim was planning to use him as a reliever, but he was not seen while he gave up both games 1 and 2. Coach Kim said in Game 1, “McCarty will be waiting in the bullpen starting Game 2,” and then said in Game 2, “He will be waiting, but it’s hard to say.” After the second game ended, he sighed and said, “I will wait for the third game.”

LG, ranked first in the regular season, also has similar concerns. Contrary to the wishes of coach Yeom Kyung-yeop, who had hoped for a quick return after the second starter, Adam Plutko (32), suffered a pelvic contusion in late August, his participation was postponed based on a diagnosis he received in the United States. In the end, LG decided to part ways and play the Korean Series without Plutco. Controversy arose that Plutco was sabotaging business, and some extreme LG fans caused a stir by sending personal attacks to his family on social media.메이저놀이터

In Korean culture, which often demands personal sacrifice for the team, this attitude of foreign players can be offensive. This is because of our relative dependence on them. However, for professional athletes, their body is their asset. If you take the risk of getting injured and play too hard and get sick, the team does not give you corresponding compensation later. A high-ranking official from a professional baseball team said, “We understand the players’ situation. “Even if you’re not necessarily aiming to advance overseas, if you endure the pain and play and get seriously injured, will there be a team that will renew your contract next year?” It is clear that this is not an issue to be looked at simply.

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