‘Last place is immediately relegated’… Pay attention to the battle for the bottom of K League 1

In the final round of professional soccer K-League 1, the relegation zone teams’ fierce battle for survival has begun.

There is a high possibility that one of Gangwon FC and Suwon Samsung will be relegated to K League 2, 2nd division.

This is reporter Kwak Jun-young.


K League 1 entered the final round last weekend, divided into top and bottom ranked teams.

Gangwon FC and Suwon Samsung began their struggle to escape the relegation zone, but

<Jeong-hwan Yoon / Gangwon FC coach> “If we just reduce mistakes, won’t we go in the direction we want….”

<Yeom Ki-hoon / Suwon Samsung Acting Manager> “This is a game we desperately need to win, so make sure we win….”

They lost side by side against Seoul and Jeju, respectively.

The realistic goal of the two teams, currently ranked 11th and 12th in the league, is ‘let’s avoid last place.’

Gangwon and Suwon are both in the relegation zone, but it is a different story if they are at the bottom of the league table.

The 11th-place team in K League 1 has a chance to survive by playing a promotion playoff against the 2nd-place team in K League 2, but relegation is confirmed for the team in last place.

Currently, the point difference between Gangwon and Suwon is only 1 point, so each game must be fought on thin ice.

This year, the two teams have made desperate efforts to escape their sluggish performance by even replacing the head coach.

However, Gangwon remained in the bottom place even after the appointment of coach Yoon Jeong-hwan this season.

Suwon changed its head coach three times until Yeom Yeom-hoon, but the period in which it was not in last place was not long.

Suwon, which was a ‘prestigious traditional club’ by winning the K-League 4 times and the FA Cup 5 times, is likely to be relegated for the first time in the club’s history.굿모닝토토 도메인

With four survival games remaining, Gangwon and Suwon coincidentally meet in the last 38 rounds of this season.

There is a possibility that the fate of the two teams will be decided in the final match on December 2nd, whether to revive the spark of remaining in the first division or to be immediately relegated.

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