“50 points this year, next goal is Final A+ Champions League” ‘Confirmed to stay’ Cho Yu-min promised 2024

Although there are some regrets, the most important goal was achieved. Now Jo Yu-min (Daejeon Hana Citizen) looks to 2024.

Daejeon drew 1-1 in the 34th round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 against Suwon FC held at Daejeon World Cup Stadium on the 22nd, confirming their stay in the first division early on. Daejeon, which has secured 46 points, is 14 points ahead of 10th place Suwon FC (32 points), which must participate in the promotion playoffs. This is a ranking that can be maintained regardless of the results of the remaining four games. The mission of ‘survival’, which was the biggest goal before the opening, was completed relatively comfortably.

Starting defender Jo Yu-min, whom we met in the common reporting area after the game, said, “I feel relieved. The goal was promotion last year and retention this year, and the team achieved its goal for two years in a row. I feel proud to be a member of Daejeon. “I feel good,” he said, expressing satisfaction with achieving his goal.

As I achieved my goal quite leisurely and early, I still feel a deep regret of not being able to get into Final A by just one inch. Jo Yu-min said, “Actually, it’s unfortunate. There were many disappointing games. Still, any team can think like that. We must calmly admit that we were inadequate. “This year, we can give about 50 points,” he said. “I think there is more we can show in 2024.” “I think I have been given the task of completing that part,” he said.

From Jo Yu-min’s perspective, the regret is even greater. Jo Yu-min was out of action due to injury from May to August last year. Coincidentally, Daejeon, which had the best first half of the season, entered a downward trend with the departure of Jo Yu-min. If Jo Yu-min had been healthy, there is a high possibility that he would have made it to Final A. Jo Yu-min said, “How great it would have been if that were the case. I feel very sorry. I am especially sorry to the director. But I can’t guarantee that I would have gone to Final A if I had played. “What is clear is that I have a role in this team, and I am doing my best.”

Now Jo Yu-min sees 2024. Daejeon coach Lee Min-seong set his goal for next year to advance to the Asian Football Confederation Champions League. Cho Yu-min said, “It would have been nice to go to Final A this year, but there is no need to rush there. He said his goal is, “I hope we can move on to the next stage, the Champions League, while looking at Final A next year.”

There is also homework. This year, Daejeon often had matches where the team fought well but failed to achieve results. Jo Yu-min said, “It’s a simple thing to say, but I think we need to work harder. He failed to maintain his initial vitality. I also lacked experience. “Efforts are needed to maintain the same performance throughout the year,” he emphasized.짱구카지노 도메인

The biggest gain Daejeon received this year was the explosive increase in spectators. Daejeon attracted 13,300 spectators per game at its home games this year. This figure is equivalent to 3rd place in the first division. Jo Yu-min said, “Personally, I think it is an incredibly important element of our team. The reason we have a high winning rate at home is because of the cheers and cheers of our fans. I feel really energized. We will work hard to show a good performance in 2024 and attract more fans than this year. “I really want to thank you and thank you for your hard work,” he said, expressing his gratitude to his fans.

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