Coach Kim Seung-gi is also worried about ‘Jak Jeong-hyeon’s surprising poor performance. “It’s a completely different basketball game than ours, so we need to get back to normal quickly” 

“(Lee) Jeong-hyeon is playing basketball completely different from us.”

Goyang Sono suffered a crushing defeat of 89-110 in the 2023-24 CheongKwanJang Professional Basketball home opening game against Wonju DB held at Goyang Sono Arena on the 22nd.

Sono coach Kim Seung-gi said after the game, “Everything we were worried about came out. The most disappointing thing is that Jeong Hyeon is playing basketball completely different from us. “It’s been like that since training until now,” he said. “We’re still talking. “It is important for him to return to normal quickly,” he said.

He said, “We are a team that requires Jeon Seong-hyun and Lee Jeong-hyun to play normal basketball. “I will sort it out quickly,” he added.

As coach Kim said, Lee Jung-hyun only scored 7 points, 3 rebounds, 4 assists, and 1 block in 34 minutes and 7 seconds against DB. Tried three 3-point shots, but all failed. Was his performance last season so impressive? The first game of this season was very disappointing.

The bigger problem was with the team’s defense. They allowed 18 3-point shots to DB and gave up 110 points. In particular, giving up 59 points in the first half alone was negative.토스카지노 도메인

Coach Kim said, “Giving up 110 points means that our defense is weak. We will look at everything from start to finish. This situation cannot be prolonged. It must change quickly. “I think the players also felt a lot through this game.”

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