Korea, ahead of Tunisia and Vietnam, expected to rise from 26th to 24th in FIFA rankings

The Korean national soccer team’s FIFA ranking is expected to rise two places compared to last month. Their ranking also rises slightly by winning both of the two consecutive domestic friendly matches against Tunisia and Vietnam held this month.

According to Football Rankings, which compiles FIFA rankings in real time on the 18th, Korea is expected to rise from 26th to 24th, recording 1,540.34 points, 7.33 points higher than last month. Korea earned 4.93 points with a 4-0 win against Tunisia on the 13th and 2.41 points with a win against Vietnam on the 17th.

Korea, which rose from 28th to 26th last month by drawing with Wales and beating Saudi Arabia, has shown an upward trend in the FIFA rankings for the second time in a row. Korea’s FIFA ranking, which was 25th in December last year, fell to 27th in April and 28th in June after the launch of Klinsmann, before successfully rebounding in September.

In Asia, it is expected to maintain its third place following Japan (18th) and Iran (21st). Until last July, Korea was ranked 4th in Asia, behind Australia, but has maintained this position since regaining 3rd place last month.

Japan, ranked first in Asia, is also expected to move up one notch from 19th by winning both of its October international matches. Japan previously defeated Canada 4-1 and Tunisia 2-0, earning 7.79 points. Japan, which entered the top 10 last month for the first time in 11 years, rises to 18th. Iran defeated Jordan 3-1 and Qatar 4-0, earning 6.02 points, but its ranking is expected to remain unchanged.

Australia lost 1.57 points after losing to England and beating New Zealand during the October international match. The gap with Korea has widened further. Saudi Arabia (57th), Qatar (61st), the United Arab Emirates (68th), and Iraq (69th) are expected to follow.

China, which beat Vietnam but lost to Uzbekistan, is expected to move up to 79th place despite losing 0.26 points. Vietnam lost 6.89 points due to losses in the China and Korea games, but due to the decline of other teams, its ranking is expected to rise one place to 94th. Next month’s World Cup qualifier, Singapore, is likely to rise to 155th in the FIFA rankings.메이저놀이터

Meanwhile, Tunisia, which suffered a complete loss in two consecutive away games against Korea and Japan, is expected to drop from 29th to 32nd. While Argentina, France, Brazil, England, and Belgium are expected to remain in the top five of the FIFA rankings, Portugal is expected to rise from 8th to 6th, and Spain is expected to rise from 10th to 8th. Instead, the football ranking predicts that Croatia, which lost 0-1 to Turkije and 1-2 to Wales in October, will lose a whopping 35.94 points and fall from 6th to 10th. The October FIFA rankings will be announced on the 26th.

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