‘Controversy over invitation fee’ Vietnam War, Vietnam pays all → Pays a small amount of stay fee for ‘customary reasons’

It is known that Korea pays a small amount of stay fees to Vietnam.

The Korean national soccer team, led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann, will play a friendly match against Vietnam at Suwon World Cup Stadium at 8 p.m. on the 17th. Korea’s FIFA ranking is 26th, and Vietnam’s is 95th.

Ever since the match against Vietnam was announced, many people have questioned the meaning of this match. It is pointed out that what can be gained from the match against Vietnam, which is evaluated as being far behind in terms of objective and relative power as well as in the FIFA rankings. Moreover, even looking at the 2026 FIFA North and Central America World Cup qualifiers starting next month or the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup scheduled to be held in January next year, the prevailing public opinion was that there was a high possibility that there would be no worthwhile gains from the match against Vietnam.

One of the things that raised questions about the Vietnam War was the ‘invitation fee controversy’. Generally, when a friendly match is played, the inviting country pays all invitation fees, including airfare and lodging expenses, for the opposing team. The fans’ opinion was that there was no reason for Korea to pay the entire invitation fee, as it was not enough to face a weaker team.

The Korea Football Association (KFA) previously said about this, “Usually, no invitation fee is incurred when playing a friendly match against an Asian country. The same goes for the Vietnam match. The Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) first requested a friendly match, and ahead of the World Cup Asian qualifiers, “I decided it was not a bad choice given the circumstances. There was no invitation fee for this friendly match against Vietnam. It was a condition that VFF would cover the cost of stay, including flights and accommodation,” he explained.

The content delivered ahead of the press conference on the 16th was slightly different. A KFA official explained, “It is true that the game was officially invited by Korea. In the case of hotel expenses, it is customary for the invited team to pay when they come, so we supported some of the expenses.” This is slightly different from what VFF said was a condition that they had to bear on their own.

Also, regarding the reason why the friendly match against Vietnam was held, the official said, “The president of the Vietnamese side is a close friend. He had requested a friendly match even before the pandemic caused by COVID-19. After the COVID-19 pandemic, it was not possible for a while, and when the match was scheduled last September, Wales “We decided on schedules with Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, and Tunisia all at once. In the case of Saudi Arabia, the reason was to prepare for the Asian Cup. We also wanted South American teams and European teams, but the situation was not conducive.”메이저놀이터

He continued, “In the process of presenting alternatives, we had to prepare for the second round of the World Cup qualifiers, so we checked the relevant teams and chose Vietnam after considering the teams that had already been requested as candidates. Coach Klinsmann selected TSG (Technical Research Group) during the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup. ), I was interested in the power of Southeast Asian teams that could not participate in the World Cup. The reason I recently watched the AFC Champions League (ACL) match between Incheon United and Pohang Steelers was to see the K-League team and the opponent at the same time,” he said. We talked about the background that led to the transfer.

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