‘Uzbek thug football’ victims include Lee Kang-indo? Limp leg, signs of injury ‘urgent’

Midfielder Lee Kang-in (Paris Saint-Germain), the brilliant midfielder who led South Korea to the final, showed signs of injury shortly after the game.

Lee was spotted being helped off the field by two staff members after the semifinal match against Uzbekistan at the Hangzhou Asian Games on Thursday at the Huanglong Sports Center Stadium in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China.

Lee started the match and was on the field for more than 60 minutes until he was substituted out by Song Min-kyu, and the Uzbek players put him under intense scrutiny. The Uzbek players used their hands, elbows, and feet to ‘stop Lee Kang-in’. Lee shrugged off the pressure and kept moving forward.

In doing so, he either picked up an injury or felt a moment of pain. Lee appeared to be fine when we met in the joint press area, but he was clearly helped off the field for a group photo. It is believed to be a leg problem.

If Lee Kang-in is injured, the damage to Hwang Sun-hong’s team, which is set to play Japan in the final on Sunday, is unimaginable. Hwang declared that he would be free to use Lee Kang-in as a ‘freeroll’. Lee’s creativity and dynamism could be especially needed against Japan, given the high level of the opposition.카지노

Hwang will also need to monitor the injury status of key winger Uhm Won-sang. Uhm Won-sang was forced off after injuring her ankle in a back tackle by an opposing defender. She was unable to walk on her own two feet and was seen being carried off the field by a staff member. Coach Hwang Sun-hong said, “Uhm Won-sang seems to have a slight injury. We need to check her,” Hwang said. Uhm Won-sang is a member of Hwang’s must-win strategy that targets the space behind the defense. The scenario of Lee Kang-in and Uhm Won-sang going down at the same time was something Hwang couldn’t imagine.

The Uzbeks were tough. It was more ‘dirty’ than tough. Korea won 2-1, but at the same time, they have too much to lose.

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