“Cho Kyu-sung calls Serie A, Genoa can pay €5 million”

Italian Serie A clubs may be interested in Cho Kyu-sung as he looks to leave Denmark for the big leagues.

Italian media outlet Calcioline reported on March 18 (KST), “Cho Kyu-sung made his European debut with Midtjylland. He can play as a frontline forward or winger. He has a contract with Mitwylan until 2028, but the transfer fee will be around 5 million euros (about 7 billion won). There is a possibility of a transfer.”

Cho Kyu-sung joined FC Anyang in 2019 and donned the Jeonbuk Hyundai jersey in 2020. He made the leap from K League title contenders to Gimcheon Sangmu, where he caught the eye of coach Paulo Bento and was named to the final roster for the World Cup in Qatar.

Despite having an established striker in Hwang Eui-jo, he showed his full potential at the World Cup. He formed an excellent partnership with Lee Kang-in and shocked the world with a goal in the group stage. After returning from the World Cup, he was linked to big clubs like Mainz and Celtic, but decided to stay with Jeonbuk.

He decided that he wasn’t physically fit enough. In fact, he suffered from injuries at the beginning of the 2023 season. The team’s sluggishness also prevented him from getting fit. Cho Kyu-sung focused on recovering his physical condition and gradually improved his performance before his national team call-up in June. However, the summer transfer window after the World Cup in Qatar didn’t feature as many big names as it did in the winter.

English clubs Watford and Leicester City were linked, but interest was limited. Then came Mittwillan’s desire for structure. With an early start to the season compared to Europe’s top five leagues and UEFA Europa League qualifying, he was immediately impressed. The club and the transfer fee were also in agreement, and everything went smoothly.

Cho Kyu-sung decided to take up the challenge at Mitwillan, a club he sincerely wanted compared to the English team. Jeonbuk Hyundai announced through the club’s official channel, “Cho Kyu-sung has completed his stay with Jeonbuk Hyundai. We hope that he will continue to walk his own path as he is now, no matter where he goes, and that he will always be able to face any challenge with the experiences and memories he has accumulated here. Thank you very much.”

Cho Kyu-sung scored the fifth goal of the league against FC Seoul in the 21st round of the Hana One Q K League 2023 at Jeonju World Cup Stadium before his move to Mittwillan. Jeonbuk won the match with goals from Cho Kyu-sung and Hapa Silva, earning three points.

After the game, Cho Kyu-sung said, “I wanted to win every game, but today I wanted to greet the fans with a smile on my face, and I’m glad I scored a goal.” “It’s hard to say because it’s not confirmed,” he said of his move to Mittwilan (Denmark).

In the winter, he received offers from big-name clubs such as Mainz, but decided to stay with Jeonbuk to make the leap. Cho Kyu-sung said, “I have no regrets about my choice. I don’t regret any of my choices. I also take responsibility. I have a half-bone temperament, so I think I’m moving in the direction I want to go.”

When we met just before he left for Mitwylan, he said, “I’ve been learning English since the winter transfer window closed. I don’t speak it very well, but I can communicate with the foreign players. I need to learn more. If I can’t, I can use my body language,” he said, adding that he is determined to take on the European challenge.

Mitwillan announced the signing of Cho Kyu-sung through the club’s official website on the 11th. According to European transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano, the club paid a transfer fee of £2.6 million (about 4.3 billion won) for Cho and signed a five-year contract until 2028.

“I had the opportunity to join other European clubs, but this is the most perfect fit. They made the strongest case that they needed me. That’s why I chose to come here. I think it was the right decision,” he said, vowing to prove himself on the European stage.

“I interacted with many foreign players in the K League. I study English every day to communicate with my teammates. I am sociable and outgoing. I want to get closer as soon as possible, and I’m ready for the changes that will come my way.”

Cho’s rise to stardom began at last year’s World Cup in Qatar. “I received a lot of support through the World Cup,” he said, but it didn’t really matter. “The World Cup is over. Now I have to do my best on the training ground and on the field. That’s the biggest motivation for me. I want to show that Korean players can prove themselves in Europe,” he said.

“We’ve been following him for over a year,” says head coach Mittwillan Svend Gravensen. After the World Cup in Qatar, many European teams were attracted to him. He is a complete striker. He is technically strong and has good finishing with his head and feet. He wants to prove himself in Europe,” he said.

Cho has impressed since his first day at Mittwilan. He showed the same strengths he showed in Jeonbuk in Europe. In July, he started against Silkeborg in the second round of the 2023-24 Danish Superliga at MCH Arena in Herning, Denmark. Against Silkeborg, he led the Mittwillan attack from the front line. He played a key role in the team’s offense, linking up up front and keeping possession of the ball. Used his physicality to his advantage, pressing forward and harassing opponents. When opportunities arose, he consistently gained penetration and took aim at the Silkeborg goal.

Early in the first half, Cho Kyu-sung stood out. On a counterattack in the 14th minute, Cho played the ball to Isaksen who was penetrating, and as Isaksen changed direction, he was fouled, resulting in a penalty kick. However, Isaksen, who stood in front of the penalty spot as the kicker, failed to score as his shot went up in the air.

The game was briefly suspended in the first half due to heavy rain. The match resumed with 23 minutes of added time. Cho Kyu-sung opened the scoring in the 67th minute when Olsson’s pass allowed Cho to break through the offside line and calmly slot home with his right foot.

He was active in the second half and took advantage of his chances, dropping down low to help the entire team build up. Mitwillan was influencing the entire attack and solidifying his place as a first-team player. Mitwillan made a change in the 29th minute of the second half, bringing on Cho Kyu-sung. Despite the lack of organization, Mitwylan managed to hold on to their lead at half-time to secure their second straight opening day win and all three points.

According to soccer stats company Footmob after the game, the match had an 8.0 rating. It was the highest rating for both teams and was named the Man of the Match (MOM) against Silkeborg. Cho’s partner, Isaksen, received a rating of 7.1. Jo Kyu-sung was followed by central defender Junior (7.9).

The same was true for the South Korean national team. After the World Cup in Qatar, Jo was not at 100%, but he gradually gained confidence and fitness. He showed some light touches in the September trials in Europe and scored the winning goal with a header against Saudi Arabia.소닉카지노

Cho Kyu-sung’s goal gave South Korea their first win in six matches. Jürgen Klinsmann’s ‘foreign oil controversy’ caused a stir, but Cho’s goal changed the atmosphere. With his good form, it is likely that he will continue to play in Klinsmann’s starting lineup and set his sights on the Asian Cup.

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