Will Klinsmann stir up controversy? Pivoting to join Legends Match during call-up? Rattled by Chelsea’s continued courtship!

National team coach Jürgen Klinsmann is considering taking part in the Legends Match at Chelsea. It could reignite a controversy.

Chelsea will host a memorial charity match between Chelsea legends and Bayern Munich legends at Stamford Bridge in London on Monday evening (local time) in honor of legendary player Janukar Vialli, who passed away last year. Chelsea will donate half of the proceeds to a charity related to the cancer treatment he was undergoing. The list of Chelsea and Bayern Munich legends who will take part was announced on Sunday. The problem is that Jürgen Klinsmann’s name is on the list of Bayern Munich legends.

This immediately sparked controversy. Klinsmann is currently in the middle of a national team call-up. Furthermore, on July 7, the national team drew 0-0 with Wales in Cardiff, England. Since taking over, Klinsmann has gone five games without a win. On Dec. 12, the team will play Saudi Arabia in Newcastle. The fact that he is traveling outside the country during the call-up period has sparked criticism from fans.

A spokesperson for the Korean Football Association (KFA) acknowledged that Klinsmann had been invited to the Legends Match in the past, but confirmed that he would not be attending. “He is scheduled to train with the national team at 4 p.m. that day,” he added.

But then things changed. Chelsea’s courtship continues. For Chelsea, Klinsmann represents a Bayern Munich legend. For British fans, Klinsmann and Owen Hargreaves are the only Bayern Munich legends they are familiar with. The absence of Klinsmann could have a negative impact on the box office. The Brentford training center and Stamford Bridge, Chelsea’s home stadium, are not far from each other, so we’re asking Klinsmann to stay involved. If he can”t make it, he wants to come to the stadium and say hello. The Brentford training center, where the national team trains, is not far from Stamford Bridge, the home of Chelsea.

Klinsmann is torn. “I understand that Klinsmann is in a difficult situation. He knows what the domestic public opinion is. But from a European perspective, they don’t understand that this is a problem. He’s just coming in after training and during off-duty hours. Plus, it’s a charity match in honor of the victims. The organizers don’t seem to understand that it’s a refusal to participate.”온라인바카

In the end, the choice was Klinsmann’s. And he’ll have to deal with the aftermath.

Meanwhile, the team left Cardiff and traveled to London. After a morning of recovery training, the team arrived in London by car. The team settled in Brentford, London. On the 9th and 10th, the team trained at the Brentford training center. The team will travel to Newcastle by chartered plane on the 11th, one day before the match against Saudi Arabia. Klinsmann traveled to Newcastle after training. After watching Saudi Arabia and Costa Rica play, he will return to London on the morning of the 9th.

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