The scene at a KBO tryout, desperate to ‘catch a scout’s eye’

Despite the harsh weather of summer rain, the players were eager to get noticed by professional teams.

On the 28th, the KBO held the ‘2024 KBO Rookie Draft Tryout’ at the Team Up Campus in Gonjiam-eup, Gwangju. A total of five players (one pitcher, one catcher, two infielders, and one outfielder) participated and showed off their skills in front of reporters and club scouts.

The first test the players faced was hitting. Each player had to hit 30 balls thrown to them.

They only had 30 chances. With the exception of Jin Woo-young, who participated as a pitcher, the four players showed off their strengths by hitting long balls over the fence and sharp hits. There were even sighs from the players when they didn’t like a pitch.

The next test was defense and fielding. In the rainy conditions, slipping in the puddles and making the occasional mistake, the players worked hard to recover and make careful plays.

The defense test evaluated the players’ abilities in infield and outfield defense, double plays, and home runs. Club officials were often surprised when players made great plays on difficult balls.

The rain didn’t stop during the fielding test. But that didn’t stop the players from trying to catch the eye of the scouts. Players raced toward first base to get on base as quickly as possible.

Finally, the pitching test. All eyes were on Jin Woo-young, the only pitcher. He was given only 30 pitches. Jin Woo-young tried his best to show his strengths by scattering the ball. Catcher Do Seung-hyun received the ball and encouraged him by shouting “Nice ball”.스포츠토토

The tryouts were held for overseas amateur and professional players, as well as high school and college dropouts. Kim Dong-gyu (outfielder), Jin Woo-young (pitcher), Do Seung-hyun (catcher), Hwang Young-mook (infielder), and Jang Hyun-jin (infielder) participated in the tryouts.

After completing the test, the five players will wait to be selected by professional teams in the 2024 KBO League Rookie Draft on April 14.

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