‘Terror threat’ replaces referee in baseball’s LG-NC game…police also called in

Referee Chairman “Need to stabilize referee Yoon Sang-won…apply rules correctly”

Reporter Hanam Jik = An umpire was replaced after a ‘referee terrorist threat’ was posted online.

Umpire Yoon Sang-won, who was scheduled to officiate at the baseball game between the LG Twins and the NC Dinos at NC Park in Changwon on the 27th, failed to show up at the stadium.

The KBO said, “In consultation with the umpire committee, we have decided not to use umpire Yoon Sang-won for the game on the 27th, and we will use another umpire in his place to play the game as a ‘five-man’ team.”

“After the game yesterday, we received a call from the police saying that a terrorist threat was posted against the referee,” said Heo Woon, chairman of the referee committee. “The threat was not only against Yoon, but also against his family and fellow referees. To ensure the safety of referee Yoon Sang-won, a substitute referee was assigned.”

Yoon was the second base umpire in the LG-NC game on the 26th.

In the bottom of the ninth inning, with LG leading 5-3, NC’s Park Gun-woo hit an infield grounder that the second base umpire, Yoon Sang-won, tried to avoid, but it slightly touched the sole of his foot.

KBO Baseball Rule 5.06 states, “If a fair ball that does not touch an infielder (including the pitcher) is hit by a runner or umpire in fair territory, or if a fair ball that does not pass through an infielder (excluding the pitcher) is hit by an umpire – each runner who must clear a base by becoming a runner advances. This means that a hit that touches the umpire’s body is an “infield hit.

NC won the game 7-5 with a three-run homer by Kwon Hee-dong.

Some LG fans expressed outrage, with some posting inappropriate comments that threatened “terrorism.

In response, the KBO and the umpire committee decided to remove umpire Yoon Sang-won from the 27th game.

“It would have been nice to avoid the hit, but it was unavoidable,” Heo said, adding, “Umpire Yoon applied the rules correctly. It’s not something that should be sanctioned.”스포츠토토

On the same day, police were dispatched to Changwon NC Park to prepare for any possible incidents.

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