‘General Lee Gwang-jun – Park Min-seo Menggun’ Busy Gyeongnam-Cheonan, 1-1 draw

Gyeongnam FC and Cheonan City FC, who are busy on the way, could not decide the game.

Gyeongnam and Cheonan drew 1-1 in the 27th round of ‘Hanawon Q K League 2 2023’ held at the Changwon Football Center on the 21st. Gyeongnam, which was trying to compete for the lead, aimed for 3 points against Cheonan, the lowest place, but unfortunately only scored 1 point. Gyeongnam had to be satisfied with 42 points, beating Gimpo FC on multiple points and moving up to 3rd place. Cheonan succeeded in breaking a 3-game losing streak against strong player Gyeongnam.

Before the game, the coaches of both teams emphasized the ‘first goal’. Gyeongnam coach Seol Ki-hyun said, “There are plays we are good at. There were things that forward strikers finished off by raising crosses well, but the opponent analyzed them and came out and blocked them. He said, “I conceded in such an embarrassing situation, and it was the recent games that collapsed. Now, there are not many games left, so it is important to overcome mistakes without repeating them.” Coach Seol said, “Cheonan took center stage with Paulino and Shin Hyeong-min joining. In the last game against Bucheon, we lost a goal first and went out of our way to make up for it, and then ended up losing.” “If you score early, you will have a chance to win. It’s a situation where Gleyson is leading the scorer and then goes down, so he’s not good at scoring, but it’s still important to make goals in the current situation.”

Cheonan coach Park Nam-yeol said, “It’s a three-game losing streak. As Gyeongnam is a team with good offense, it’s important to do well defensively. Even in losing games, the content wasn’t bad, so we made up for the scoring part.” “First of all, the atmosphere is not bad,” he said. “If we do not concede in the early stages against Gyeongnam and lead from 60 to 70 minutes, we plan to win. As there are talented players on our bench, it is also possible to take advantage of them to take advantage of them. It is important not to eat it.”

Gyeongnam presented a 4-4-2 card that day. Gleyson and Ki-Jong Won were at the top, and Castro, Hong-Min Song, Kang-Hee Lee and Hyun-Jin Seol stood at the waist. The four-back was made by Park Min-seo, Park Jae-hwan, and Lee Joon-jae. The goal was guarded by Go Dong-min. Cheonan faced off with a score of 3-4-3. Lee Seok-kyu, Motta, and Paulino made up the three-top team. Park Jun-gang, Shin Hyung-min, Jung Seok-hwa, and Kim Joo-hwan were located in the midfield. Three Back was formed by Lee Jae-won, Lee Kwang-jun, and Kim Joo-heon. The goalkeeper’s gloves were worn by Kim Min-joon.

From the beginning, Gyeongnam pushed hard. In the 2nd minute of the first half, a cross from the left was connected with a header by Won Ki-jong. missed slightly A minute later, another good opportunity came. In the corner kick situation, Park Jae-hwan connected a diving header. It was blocked by the goalkeeper’s save, and Park Min-seo connected the ball with another shot, but it missed. In the 6th minute, Won Gi-jong broke through and fired a shot, but missed.

Gyeongnam’s offensive continued. In the 15th minute, Castro breaks through the left and hits a mid-range shot. Missed. 18 minutes made a good scene. Seol Hyun-jin attempted a left-footed shot after overcoming the opponent’s struggle in a counterattack situation. It was blocked by the goalkeeper’s super save. A minute later, a corner kick from the left was headed by Seol Hyun-jin. floated In the 21st minute, Won Gi-jong broke the left side and attempted a cutback. The defense cleared it before Glayson could shoot. In the 24th minute, Lee Jun-jae’s cross was headed by Seol Hyun-jin. This time, it was blocked by goalkeeper Kim Min-jun. In the ensuing situation, Castro connected with a header in the middle of the fight, but the goalkeeper caught it.

Cheonan counterattacked. In the 29th minute, Jung Seok-Hwa headed a cross from the left. floated In the 34th and 38th minutes, Paulinho fired back-to-back shots, but none were scored. After 40 minutes, Cheonan scored the first goal. Paulino’s corner kick from the right was headed by Lee Kwang-Jun. The goalkeeper blocked it, but Lee Kwang-Jun jumped in and pushed it back. Cheonan, who gained momentum, chamfered Paulino’s corner kick right before the end of the first half and connected it with a header. It went over the crossbar slightly.

With the start of the second half, Gyeongnam made a change. Park Min-seo was put in without the universe. Cheonan also included Yun Yong-ho, excluding Lee Seok-gyu. In the 3rd minute of the second half, Ki-jong Won pushed Lee Jun-jae’s cutback, but it floated. One minute later, Cheonan’s Yun Yong-ho attempted a mid-range shot. went over the crossbar. Gyeongnam missed a decisive opportunity. In the 7th minute, Seol Hyun-jin jumped in and pushed a cross from the left with his foot. It was blocked by the goalkeeper. Park Min-seo’s shot went slightly off the target. In the 9th minute for Cheonan, Yun Yong-ho tried another mid-range shot, but it missed.

A variable has been created. In the 12th minute, Park Joon-gang came out with an injury. Instead, Shin Won-ho was put in. Gyeongnam created a chance in the 17th minute. Won Gi-jong broke through and Park Min-seo caught the ball and connected it to the shooting. But it was blocked by the goalkeeper. In the 20th minute, Park Min-seo’s free kick was also saved by goalkeeper Kim Min-joon. In the 23rd minute, Glayson attempted a right-footed shot, but this was also blocked by Kim Min-jun.

An equalizer was scored in the 25th minute. Gleason broke through the right and put up a cross. Park Min-seo jumped in and finished it calmly. Cheonan immediately chose to change. Jung Seok-hwa and Kim Joo-heon were removed and Kim Chang-soo and Cha Oh-yeon were added. Gyeongsangnam-do replaced Seol Hyeon-jin and Jo Sang-jun. In the 35th minute, Cheonan put Damir in place of Yoon Yong-ho and made the final move. Gyeongnam scored a come-from-behind goal with a header in the 38th minute, but it was canceled due to offside.온라인바카

In the 42nd minute, Gyeongnam Park Min-seo’s cutback, Jo Sang-jun jumped in and connected it with a shot, but the opponent’s defense blocked it. Cheonan also counterattacked. Motta’s shot was saved by the goalkeeper. In the 44th minute, Gyeongnam took out Won Ki-jong and even put in Yu Jun-ha. In extra time, Gyeongnam Castro broke through the center and attempted a left-footed shot, but swallowed regret as it went over the crossbar. Despite Gyeongnam’s last-minute offensive, the game ended 1-1.

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